MyFax: Send Free Fax via Internet

MyFax lets you send free fax via internet to 41 countries worldwide. The free account option on MyFax allows someone to send up to 2 free faxes per day with up to 9 pages limit on each fax (including the cover page). Additionaly, the total file size should not exceed 10 MBs.

send free fax via internet

After the fax been sent MyFax sends sender an email message stating whether the fax was successfully delievered or failed. When the fax delivery is failed MyFax attempts to resend the fax up to three more times.


  • Send free fax by internet to 41 countries including US, Canada, most of Europe, China, Japan, and South Korea.
  • Send 2 free faxes per day, each up to 9 pages long.
  • There is a 10 MB file size limit per fax.
  • Supports 178 file formats.
  • No sign up needed.

Other sites to send free fax via internet are GotFreeFax, TPC, FaxZero and eFaxFree.

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