Myoats: Draw Cool Designs Online & Share

Myoats is a community for people who want to draw cool designs using an online drawing tool. These designs are shared to other users and can be rated, downloaded as wallpapers or archived for further editing.

draw cool designs

Myoats has pretty advanced editing tools compared to other online drawing tools. The flash-based workspace has all the features that you need to create your craft. You can also use pre-defined geometries to create complex patterns for your drawing. The designs with the most number of “likes” will be featured front-and-center in the home page.

draw cool design online

Myoats could have easily been a simple “MS Paint” application for creating amateurish drawings. But in fact, the talented community behind Myoats provides an excellent source of inspiration for creative types.


  • Create simple or complex design drawings online.
  • Share your drawing to the community.
  • Rate and decide which drawing gets featured in the home page.
  • Download your drawings as plain image, transparent PNG, or desktop/mobile wallpaper.
  • Video tutorials available for Myoats artists.
  • Similar tools: FlashPaint, SketchSwap and XSketch.

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