MyScenicDrives: Build Custom Road Trips Through Scenic Drives

Road trips are a great alternative to costly flights but they can be pretty mundane and overbearing if you don’t know how to enjoy them. One great way to do so is travel through scenic drives and MyScenicDrives can help you find one that wouldn’t require deviating from your route.

Simply enter your starting and ending addresses and the tool will build a map. Click anywhere on the map to view the scenic drives in that region and add them to your itinerary. You can also search by places of interest such as lakes, mountains, etc, and add them to your route. Once done, update directions to include your waypoints and if you want, find places to stay near these points.

build road trips


  • Find or create road trips.
  • Search by places of interest and add them to your route.
  • Find places to stay near by.
  • Find scenic drives by state.
  • Add labels, notes and schedule for any point.
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