Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland. Adventure Bike Ride Klr650 Ends In Disaster, Punctured Lung!

Well afraid that a little mishap on a corner yeah yeah off a little bit further back you know very little about it there it is there but of damage on the back scratches it’s limping with these one arm and see how it goes stopping for lunch soon and Barberton gem southern Botswana a place called Saliba peak where I’ve.
A walk for the afternoon found this dry riverbed find some mangu.

Birds there’s some vultures up in the tree here above me absolutely nobody around lots of animal prints middle of no way you I’m walking the bush here outside Saliba peak we’re following a fence line so don’t get.

Lost I tienes flat wilderness they absolutely no landmarks it’s just flat flat bush oh yeah we are just across the border into Namibia don’t know what this place is name is just had a flat tire lift of the bike onto this rock change the tubes of Elvis ripped out and if we go nod towards window so we’ve arrived in in quasi River Lodge just about three.

Window we’re gonna spin the night here add quite a heavy day long stop at.

The border post plus a flat front wheel which ended up being a tube the veil was ripped out so you replace that along the road it is all good to go now again so we’re taking a rest here halfway between route Fontaine and tsumeb on.

Our way to the Tasha pants and I spend the night somewhere around to map tonight we’re hoping to get some space in this area your front.

End has got a bike shop two members also got one apparently.

We need tube spare front tube shock no chance of getting one unless he I don’t think and a couple other things before Peters back some Globes and mirror that broke and a few other things yeah my back is still a push starter so every time we stop you stop I don’t know or some way I can give it a push you you you the etosha pan fierce idea where we can walk out onto the pan it is absolutely vast about 200 KS by hundred kilometres.
Wide with absolutely nothing you.

This video a lot of animals there this place Namibia is just like the old.

South Africa not just LG of notes that’s a primary smaller here we are between the thread Fantine and Archer.

On the back road on the shortcut and the KLR is finally starting again with a button out of the port all right sir we lift Oh Cho this morning and we heading towards swakopmund just came through a little town called Caracas about 50 kilometres ago and now.

We properly in the desert lots of rocks there was lots.

Of elephant dung further back signs of kudu and event elope no fences around here so the game’s just wild lots of lots of it it isn’t fixed a bunch about 80 cows back 70 case back still haven’t arrived in a nice long straight road we’re traveling between auntie’s Bay which is way in the distance in the north up there and we’re heading towards.

Swakopmund inland of us is just desert yeah we found another backyard here he’s.

Been xt 250 coming between him and somehow I think we’re not gonna make it tonight to our campsite too many camps hangout campsite is gonna be the desert tonight we’ll see odd guys all right we out saw a little town.

Called solitaire we decided well not decided before skimp on the side of the road here lovely spot in the desert we’re on our way up to a campsite but the road it was very very sandy good thing we didn’t make it cuz fool anyway.

Thanks Phillip you just met Phillip over here let’s just post me a glass of wine he’s camping with us in the desert to electrical fire going.

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