Nearpod: An App To Help Teachers & Students Work Together Using iPads

iPad devices have great potential to help out teachers and students in the educational learning process. But without the proper apps to use, the iPad would not be of much educational value. Here to offer a way to help teachers and students with the use of iPad devices in the classroom is a free application called Nearpod.

students teachers work together

Nearpod is a free to use smartphone app compatible with iPad devices. The app is sized at 5 MB and requires iOS version 4.1 or later. Nearpod offers separate versions for teachers and students. Teachers can easily launch presentations and share contents with their students on their iPads in real-time. Students can get the teacher’s lectures delivered to their devices in real-time and immediately see answers with the instructor’s tap.


The app has wonderful potential and will definitely benefit a classroom being run with iPads.


  • A user-friendly smart-device app.
  • Compatible with the iPad.
  • Helps teachers and students interact with their iPad devices.
  • Assists learning in the classroom.
  • Delivers content from the teacher to the students in real-time.

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