NeroKwik: The Simple, Smart & Social Way To Share Photos [Android]

It’s a universally accepted fact that the best camera available is the one you have on you. This might explain why nearly every single mobile phone sold today, even non-smartphones, comes with a camera. Since phones became smart and platforms like Android exploded in popularity, the emphasis on sharing has soared. If you’re an Android shareaholic who appreciates smart photo apps then you might want to give NeroKwik a go.

share photos android

NeroKwik is designed to automate and facilitate common photo functions like organisation and sharing, including the ability to automatically sync your photos across multiple devices. This means you can take a picture with one device, and have NeroKwik deliver it to your other devices without having to do a thing. There’s no manual upload process, simply snap and wait for the upload to complete.


NeroKwik also presents your photos in a beautiful “tapestry” format, made up of your favourite moments. You can also create and share these tapestries with your friends privately over email or publicly using Facebook.

NeroKwik is currently just for Android, though the developer promises that iOS, Windows RT as well as PC and Mac support is “coming soon”.


  • Sync all your photos between devices, automatically.
  • View your photos as a beautiful tapestry on any device you have connected.
  • Create and share tapestries of photos privately via email or publicly via Facebook.
  • Currently supports Android 4.0 and above with Windows RT, iOS and desktop support on the way.

Check out NeroKwik @ Google Play

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