Netflix Overhauls Video Player, Adds Previews [Updates]

Netflix customers will be seeing a new video player the next time they use the service. The company has given its video player a moderate overhaul, adding a number of new features without drastically changing its appearance.

Netflix users will quickly notice that the control bar, though basically the same as before, now has new icons and some extra options. Their appearance is not entirely unlike the controls that appear on YouTube when watching in full screen, and they serve a similar purpose, allowing access to standard video features such as subtitles, different languages and full-screen mode. The re-design makes the controls more attractive and a bit easier to use because they’re larger.

Watching an episode of a TV show will also display a new preview option which, when opened, expands a list of other episodes complete with text and video previews. There’s a next episode button as well, which automatically takes the user to that episode when clicked.

Other improvements of the Netflix video player focus on the visual experience. The new player no longer plays episodes in a small box by default and instead fills up as much of the user’s browser as possible. Pausing a video for more than few seconds activates some cool new summary text, as well. Both changes are subtle, but help make Netflix’s web player look a touch more modern.

The player is now rolled out for users on a PC or Mac, so go check it out yourself.

Source: CNET

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