Netflix’s Secret Codes Made Easier With a Chrome Extension

Last week, we shared that Neflix has tons of secret codes that allow you to search for specific genres of shows. While they’re only meant for use in the browser, these allow you to hone your searches to find exactly what you want to watch.

There’s already an easier way to use these categories, and it doesn’t involve looking up any codes. A Chrome extension, titled Netflix Super Browse, adds a new Super Browse menu to the main Netflix page that lets you browse by all the new categories instead of just the built-in ones.

This means you can check out the new categories all at once and quickly switch between them, instead of having to copy and paste codes.

The Chrome extension is in beta but fully functional. If you’re a Firefox user, you can also download the beta Netflix Super Browse add-on for Firefox. If the extension doesn’t seem to be working, try disabling any ad blockers on Netflix’s site and see if the menu appears.

In case you want to try these codes with your phone or TV instead of a desktop browser, our reader Suleiman proposed the following workaround in the comments of the last article:

I tried it on my smartphone and it works too, but you have to open Netflix using a browser and not the Netflix app. Also I gave it a run on my smart TV browser and it listed the movies for me but it won’t open.

Since most of us watch Netflix on TV, I opened the movie on my smartphone and mirrored it on my TV. Problem solved. You can find the movie that you want using your computer or smart phone and search it on your TV’s Netflix as long as your phone and TV Netflix are set for the same country.

Which new categories do you find the most interesting? Share what you’ve been watching in the comments!

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