NetRocket Beta – Mission Control For Your Bookmarks

Have you visited your bookmarks folder recently? Are you feeling flabbergasted that you collected so many bookmark-worthy “˜riches’ with the expressed intention of using them? But of course, now they are gathering dust as you never got around to it.

When the web gives us a great site or a web service to enjoy at every corner, bookmarking is habit-forming. What is not is the follow-up. The site I bookmarked just last week is lost in the maze after enjoying its 15 seconds of fame.

Recognizing this human failing and for the sake of information management, web services offering bookmark-management solutions have sprung up. The other trend is towards sharing bookmarks i.e. social bookmarking. Believe me, these are serious apps for what might look like a trivial side product of browsing.

NetRocket is all about bookmarks (and a bit of social bookmarking). That’s pretty obvious if you check the name of the website. But unlike other bookmark managers, NetRocket goes further by also being a bookmark scheduling service.

How does NetRocket go beyond the bookmark and tag?

NetRocket’s ambit includes three features that cover up for our bookmark hoarding follies. Yes, we can continue to store our bookmarks but we can now schedule reminder alerts to message us that something needs to be read. A Scheduled Items list come with forcing features like recurring reminders and expiration dates. We can also postpone our website visits for a less busy day by putting the bookmarks in a queue that can be found in a  To View list.

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NetRocket operates via two browser toolbar buttons. But the engine of the service lies in the options that can be found in each users NetRocket account.

The parts that make up NetRocket?

  1. Register to create an account with the NetRocket bookmark manager. That’s a simple username, password combo without any email verification.
  2. Install browser toolbar buttons for your preferred browser. The browser support includes Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari, or Opera. Chrome is missing from the list. Individual instructions and links are given for each. In each case, two buttons get added to the browser toolbar – add to NetRocket and my netRocket. Let’s do it with Opera.
  3. Browser-Buttons

  4. Log in to NetRocket. The first time user will be greeted with an option to fill up his account with some NetRocket supplied bookmarks covering categories like technology, sports, news, media, and shopping. Select and launch your rocket!
  5. LaunchPad

  6. NetRocket’s Mission Control is the nerve center for all your bookmark managing activities. Filter views by opting to display all bookmarks or just the personal or business ones. The Search My Bookmarks isto pinpoint any one from the mass. There’s also an alert on the side letting you know what’s left to view and what’s scheduled.
  7. Mission-Control

  8. The Scheduled Items panel and To View panel are the focus of NetRocket’s utility. NetRocket allows you to set scheduling reminders which prod you gently through either email alerts or recurring/one-off labels on your account page. New bookmarks can be added to the list, details added, edited or deleted. Multiple items can be selected for removal using checkbox selection.
  9. Scheduled-Items

  10. The To View panel is for archiving bookmarks for catching them later. Bookmarks can be added by clicking the Add Item button located on top of the panels.
  11. To-View

    The Add a New Item box is for entering the URL and tagging the new bookmark. All bookmarks can be kept private for your eyes only. The bookmarks in this panel remain active for three months unless extended from the panel itself. The expiration date gets extended by 3 days.


  12. You can save the bookmark permanently in the system by pressing an Approve button.
  13. For every new item, Recurring Options can be arranged around a lot of time settings.
  14. Every bookmark enters the Full List. Here it can be searched for or retrieved at any time. Status indicators show whether the bookmark is a part of the Scheduled Items or the To View list.
  15. Full-List

  16. The Tag Cloud is created from the user specified tags for the bookmarked URLs. To locate a bookmark, click on a tag to bring up a list of all bookmarks tagged with that word. Bookmarks imported from another browser take on the generic imported tag.
  17. Tags

This is a brief overview of NetRocket’s bookmarking utility. What’s great about is the scheduling service which literally never lets us forget a bookmark. And if we care to turn off the alerts, the expiration limits stops the bookmark population from exploding. As a social bookmark manager, its success will depend on the herd. But even for private all-location use, it has the potential to get itself a bookmark of its own.

Will you? Let us know about the features you liked in NetRocket (Beta) and some features you wish it had.

Image Credit: The Shopping Sherpa

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