New Dropbox Update Lets You Easily Share Files & Folders With Anyone [Updates]

Sharing large files is becoming increasingly easier, and even more so with this new update from Dropbox. The new update adds the ability to share any file or folder in your Dropbox with anyone, with just a few simple clicks.

Up until now, you could share your Dropbox content with other Dropbox users, or share the content of your public folder with non-Dropbox users. This is no longer the case. Now, all you have to do in order to share a folder is to access it using the Dropbox desktop client or the web interface, and from the Dropbox context menu choose “Get Link”. This will generate a public link for your content.

Using this method, you can share whole photo albums, documents, presentations, videos and entire folders with anyone, and even allow them to download the files to their own computer – all without them owning a Dropbox account. When they click the link, they’ll be directed to a Dropbox viewer where they can view images in a slideshow, browse through documents in read-only mode, etc.

The new feature exists in Dropbox’s mobile interface as well. Simply look for the link icon as seen below to generate your public link.

While it’s now unnecessary for the people you share with to own a Dropbox account, they might still want to, in order to easily share themselves. In that respect, this is probably a smart move from Dropbox.

What do you think of the new feature?

Source: Dropbox

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