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What is going on guys dray here and welcome back to the hunter call the wild now it’s been a while since we last played this game but a new dlc has come out that made me have to get back into this game because we now have savannah hunting this is ver hunga savannah so this is a brand new.

DLC that came out and on this map you can hunt.

Ah Savannah animals right now they currently have cape buffalo Springbok warthog side strep jackal blue wildebeest scrub hare and lesser kudos so I have never hunted on this map I’m really excited though because a lot of these are herd based animals and it’s gonna be a drastically different hunting experience now there is an exotic animals in this game a lot of people.

Are complaining about that this is a video game after all I think they should add exotic animals personally but I can completely understand why they wouldn’t because they’d probably get a lot of angry people when you’re hunting elephants tigers things like that so that’s.

Fine I’m really actually just excited to hunt different animals the hunters always been about you know deer.

And deer related animals like bears moose things like that so having a whole new area to explore is really exciting to me so my major goal today is get one of the big guys either a cape buffalo or a blue wildebeest if we could do that I’ll be extremely happy and I don’t think it should be too hard those guys go.

In herds I believe so yeah you know what let’s actually get out my ATV so yeah we’ll just bring out the ATV and I just want to explore a little bit.

See if we can find any herds or anything and just explore this very beautiful map so yeah look at me I’m even you know savanah.

Like get up ah so yeah I guess we’ll just head down here this is a very large map we can’t really get lost and fine alright spotted a bunch of tracks here it looks like this is.

Possibly a herd of something so we’re going to just see what track this is yeah we got Cape Buffalo heading this way you know what no actually they’re heading this way sorry um I might.

Actually just track these on foot see if I can spot a her anywhere cuz I do.

Not want to spook them with my ATV that is a big old poopy now the great thing about this game it’s a savanna so it’s way more open they can’t hide in the woods like they can in the other maps I mean we obviously have some bush up ahead but nothing too crazy so we should be able to hopefully spot them before they spot.

Us a big thing here is probably gonna have to be scent though so I do have to you know what I think I actually have brought some send stuff here so.

Let me see if I can find it there we go let’s set myself there we go so they can’t smell me before I can even see them ah well that’s not a good sign the droppings I just inspected are very old so I think I’m on some old dead tracks right now we have to find.

Ones I want to just kind of run up here just to see if there’s an opening just to see if they’re kind of hanging around though but.

Yeah it’s safe to say these tracks are totally dead alright got a little bit of an opening here obviously this is a herd you can see all the tracks down there I mean it’s not hard to follow these guys but they are gonna be on the move constantly that’s what herds do so Wow look at how beautiful this game is easily still one of the most beautiful games out there yeah I’m not seeing any major herds or anything so I think we’re gonna leave these tracks alone and get back to my ATV if.

I can find it oh I see something moving I see something moving I don’t think I’m gonna be able to hit them oh yeah there’s definitely something over there let me see if I can get a good view of it so you.

Guys can see they were in the bush I believe that was a buffalo the old cape buffalo I can’t get visual now so.

Yeah I’ve been just kind of driving around I think we should get on foot if we’re close to them I hope that didn’t spook them too much ah but if we can get some cape buffalo in this bush over here we’re in some really thick grass.
As you can see so bit visions gonna be my biggest culprit.

Actually there’s some droppings here this is definitely not yeah this is just now this is kudo droppings.

Though I did see a buffalo over there it was bigger than a Kudo that’s for sure oh yeah I mean this is where a bell I saw him and look at all these.

Tracks I’m assuming that was a herd because there is a lot of tracks inside this bush I’m making a lot of noise though going through this they’re going to see me or hear me before I hear them let.

Me see these old doodoos over here let me just make sure this is brand new this is definitely Buffalo though right let’s see yeah we got the cape buffalo and I did see one so at least we saw one so far I got a take one down though I.
Need to find one of these guys all right looks like the density ends over.

Four big old animals they’re really good at hiding I didn’t even hear a.

Peep out of them as I was walking through that I don’t.

Think they’re gonna be out here we can if we get lucky maybe we’ll see them running around know that wait wait wait wait that’s.

Just a bush that’s gonna happen a lot very hard to tell the difference from distance Oh aha I see you you.

Beautiful wildebeest oh that is a cape buffalo okay I clearly do not know my species okay that.

Guy is not that far away oh oh is he trotting now he does have a trot going on I don’t think he’s too scared of me though problem is I.

Only have one long-range rifle and it’s not the best it’s for taking down bear.

So I’m assuming let’s try man okay well he’s running he is definitely running let me see.

Okay yeah you way he went over the top I want to go see if I hit that we might be able to track them again this gun.

Is not as pop as powerful as my other one this is the new DLC gun for this map unfortunately it’s no long range scope that I could find for it so yeah we have to use the bear gun basically we do have.

Some yelling over there oh that’s the Cape Buffalo mating call so we know kind of where they were hanging out inside that Bush over there if I could well I push this guy.

Back down there so we could obviously go in there if we want to I want to see how hard I hit this guy I was aiming for the heart but yeah it’s harder to aim than it seems so we can see any blood around here we might be able to track this guy down and follow him I hit him right about here yes.

There we go we did indeed hit him it was just a flesh wound oh and that’s a bad sign I think he’s gonna be totally fine then and he’s.

Somewhere in those woods over there that’s too bad man I am I am gonna follow the track for a bit just in case bleed rates very low low and for an animal of that size highly doubt that that’s going to.

Be a wound that kills him looks like this is a bedding zone so obviously there’s gonna be a lot of guys in here I’m gonna keep on the track of the one that I’ve already.

Hit but I’d love to get some more as well it’s actually do a call.

That’s the only call we can use is this snort wheeze it’s supposed to work here there we go that’s what I want sounded a little bit better the first one sucked unfortunately.

Not getting any call back so I think these guys are going to be hard ones to track in terms of calling them cape buffalo warning call don’t even see him that’s obviously close I could hear the growl of his freaking stomach.

Let me see I can maybe lure him out I’m gonna spray myself again that might scare.

Was stupid well we know we’re close I’m still tracking my bleeding guy he’s still bleeding amazingly I’ve been.

Tracking for about ten minutes um problem is these these are fast animals they move a lot so and there you go you can see the.

Blood right there trying to keep up is going to be very very hard bleed rates still very low he’s gonna be totally fine wonder if I should sneak over to this guy he hasn’t been scared of me but he knows I’m here cause he’s doing warning calls Oh Oh what is where is it oh my god it’s so loud oh okay so here um holy crap to cut that guy’s eye I’m kind of looking for Cape Buffalo right now you guys are not very smart are you we got a herd coming through um I.

Don’t know what to do should I go for what you know what I’m using a damn bow let’s see dude you’ve gotten away I shot the other one oh now I freaked.

Them all out oh that was amazing though I think I shot the one in front of him what is that okay that is no I want to examine the sounds and can’t seem.

To exam I must be on top of a track alright well that was.

Weird scared the hell out of me when I heard trotting all around me especially when I’m hunting cape buffalo that’s the last thing you want to hear.

All around you okay we did indeed hit that little guy was not my major goal ah flesh wound once again just a.

Flesh wound so clearly not very good at placing my shots I’m not even gonna worry about that guy I’m still looking for the cape buffalo over here but I’m wondering if that herd scared him off as well something’s walking.

Those damn hopping bastards okay um yeah those guys really are not scared of me it seems like all right you know what we should probably try and take one of these guys down I think the cape buffalo have long gone benefit being these guys they just look at these hopping rings speak what are you doing oh my god okay let me.

Get a good shot that totally mess oh that’s embarrassing I am NOT a hunter Jesus Christ oh I think I did kill it all that.

Poor little guy I was gonna leave him I actually hit that was it the it must’ve been the other one I think this is the.

The first one I shot so he did indeed bleed out with just a flesh wound I didn’t expect that cuz usually that doesn’t happen.

In this game alright I’ll take it though where the hell oh my god maybe that was my second shot I hit his fibula all right well we got a springbok not really what I’m going for but hey I’ll take anything that I can.

Get looks like it’s it’s actually.

Getting laid out I’m thinking I should go find a place to sleep and sleep so we can hunt in the morning there’s usually a.

Little bit more lucky in the morning at least I find you kind of get overwhelmed in this game with tracking I mean look at look around me right now.

Look how many tracks there are I’m so not used to this in a game like this and it’s very hard to track a singular animal when you have this many tracks around I mean they do go.

Blue when you’re specifically tracking but still you can get easily overwhelmed with the amount of tracks around here now I’m gonna go with the open see if I can see anything if.

We don’t I think we’re gonna sleep off tonight and hopefully we can have a better hunt in the morning Oh way in the distance we have what is that that’s what that’s a wildebeest over there he’s way over there as you can see though there’s no way I’d be able to get over there in time so we’re gonna let.

That one get away still cool to see our first wildebeest and I guess they don’t travel it no they travel Willoughby’s travel in herds so he must just be off on his own very few games take my breath away but this is one that definitely does it look at this sunset over here now I decided to go.

Over here just to see there’s anything at the watering hole doesn’t really I’m not seeing oh never mind we got another blue wildebeest this guy we might be able to track this guy it’s uh see if we can follow him he’s not that far away and he’s.

Kind of just hanging there eating so maybe we can get a wildebeest in the bag.

Cape buffalo I was tracking this damn wildebeest and then the cape buffalo goes wandering in in the middle of me now I need to decide where did he go I think he obviously saw me he’s long gone isn’t he I am oh oh he’s calling out he must be over here somewhere behind this.

Hill maybe or just kind of deep inside here now now I have a predicament do I go for this wildebeest that’s still eating Oh Oh even freaking.

Better you know what this is amazing oh that’s a mythical I believe that means the size of it oh my god okay I’m intentionally going very slow here we’re gonna drop that wildebeest and go right for the cape buffalo because they’re the bigger species and we got to sleeping I’m here another one walking.

You can see that this is just crazy another wildebeest right over there any if any of these guys spook they’re all gonna run so I really have to be careful of my positioning still sleeping over here just chilling.

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