New Skype WiFi iOS App Provides Pay-Per-Minute Global Wireless Hotspot Access [News]

Last week Skype launched their “Skype WiFi” app on Apple’s iOS App Store which grants access to over 1 million hotspots worldwide, for a variable fee. The app charges users Skype accounts, meaning hotspot access is paid for using available Skype Credit.

Whilst it may not have much use if you’ve already got a decent data plan, the app is bound to be well-received┬áby travellers who may incur hefty data roaming charges when using the Internet on their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad abroad.

There are no data caps or time limits, meaning users can use as much bandwidth as they like and only pay for the time spent online. Access rates will differ depending on location and service provider, with the base rate set at $0.06 per minute. A browsing session accessed via Skype WiFi will last 30 minutes, before the user is asked to reconnect to continue.

Getting online is easy enough, simply download the Skype WiFi app, login with a Skype username and password and tap Go Online. Provided the account has available Skype Credit (purchased directly from Skype) then the user will be able to surf at a wide variety of hotspots. Before connecting, the price per minute of the hotspot chosen will be displayed, to avoid any nasty surprises.

Source: Mashable

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