ANC denies offering Fransman accuser a bursary

Cape Town – The ANC on Friday denied claims that it had offered a bursary to Lousia Wynand. The 20-year-old has accused the party’s Western Cape leader, Marius Fransman, of sexual assault.

ANC Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) spokesperson Jabu Mfusi said, “The ANC did not offer that woman a bursary. She must give us a name and place [sic] of the person who she says offered her a bursary.”

Mfusi said members of the PEC were not aware of any bursary offer.

“And not even national knows about it. She must bring proof. Even if she is speaking through her lawyers, she must bring proof of these claims”

A Daily Maverick report recently outlined how police in Kimberley reopened a case of sexual assault against Fransman after a series of WhatsApp messages between the political leader and Wynand days before she was due to travel with the ANC leader to attend the ruling party’s 104th anniversary in Rustenburg emerged.

Previously, police announced that the charges had been withdrawn “due to a lack of evidence”.

The Daily Maverick earlier this week claimed that Wynand was allegedly…

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