Bishops in DRC call for polls to be held on time

Kinshasa – An influential grouping of Catholic bishops in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Monday called for elections to be held on schedule this year and for President Joseph Kabila to step down when his second term ends.

Kabila, who has been in power since 2001, is mandated to leave office in December. But in May the Constitutional Court said he could remain in power if a presidential election is not organised in time, which the opposition has accused him of deliberately delaying.

“It is imperative that we respect the constitution”, especially concerning “the number and duration of mandates of the president of the Republic”, priest Leonard Santedi, head of the National Bishops Conference of Congo, said at a press conference in Kinshasa.

He appealed to the DRC’s leaders to “accept the transfer of power as fundamental in a democracy”.

“Blocking the electoral process” creates a “worrying situation which risks plunging the country into chaos”, he said, adding that it was the “responsibility of the political leaders” .

In a message published after their annual meeting, the bishops deplored the human rights violations and the “deteriorating socio-economic and security situation” in…

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