I’ve never used the k-word – Penny Sparrow

Johannesburg – In an exclusive interview with News24 on Tuesday, controversial former realtor Penny Sparrow insisted that she was not a racist.

Sparrow had gone to ground in the wake of a social media furore relating to comments she made on Facebook, in which she likened black beachgoers to monkeys.

“I’m saddened to hear people call me a racist, because I am not,” she said.

“It scares me to hear it… it’s terrible. I have never used the k-word and it has never lived in my vocabulary. I never use the word nigger, and nothing like that. They are human beings to me and I have accepted the change,” she said.

“There are a lot of highly intelligent black people… lovely people. I worked for an Indian girl… she is a lovely person and I am really not a racist,” Sparrow added.

News24 tracked…

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