Twin born on side of road dies

Johannesburg – One of the twins born prematurely at the side of the road in the East Rand after a bus broke down has died, the Department of Social Development said on Friday.

Department spokesperson Mbangwa Xaba said that the boy, known as Ndlovu One, died as a result of complications associated with premature births. Xaba said the baby had suffered heavy bleeding in the lungs.

“The boys were not named since an intra-departmental task team lead by the Gauteng Social Development Department (GDSD) was still in the process of facilitating their documentation,” Xaba said.

The twins’ mother, Mercy Ndlovu, said they were on their way home to Malawi a month ago when the bus broke down. Their trip back home was supposed to have taken two days.

Instead, said Xaba, the group was forced to sleep in the broken bus for more than a month, while they waited for assistance.

Ndlovu was seven months pregnant when she went into labour.

“On Tuesday morning, I was not feeling well, I suffered from these weird cramps. I told my sister the babies are coming, the babies are coming.”

Twin stable

Her sister, Febbie Harawa, asked a nearby shop owner to call an ambulance.

“There was no time to wait, she was in too much pain and I needed to do something,” Harawa said.

“We laid her down next to the bus and I told her to relax, while I am going to deliver the one baby,” she said. 

Harawa safely delivered the first boy. When the ambulance…

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