Nfl- Sunday Night Football: Giants Vs Broncos. (full Game)

Filled two talented brothers getting ready to square up once again in the madding bowl it’s Eli Manning going up against Peyton Manning so let’s go down to Denver Colorado where Jim and Phil are on the call Giants Broncos coming up off EA Sports we’re a mile high here in Denver as we get set for today’s matchup hello friends.

Jim Nantz alongside Phil Simms and I guess the big question Phil before a kickoff is would.
He expect here today you know Jim I expect these coaches to be aggressive.

You can’t go out here and just hope the other team makes mistakes you got to go out there and take it so do it with your play calling you don’t try some trick plays do whatever you have to do to give your team the edge and Josh Brown looks ready to get this one underway bogans going to be back deep here on the opening kick this game has officially begun Boldin’s gonna start his.

Return the 28 yard line at quarterback one of the most dominant players to ever play the position and he’s been in the league.

Since 1998 Peyton Manning when you’re on the defensive side you’re going to get spayed made it’s all about the skies can you fully it’s very hard to do can you wait till there’s two or three seconds.

Left on the play clock before you show what your defense is going to do so he doesn’t have time to react Andersen’s lined up in a single back formation the.

Broncos take it from the 28th he has blossomed into a big-time receiver in this.

Game Emmanuel Sanders well it’s not about just the offense all the.

Offense gives him those numbers he has shown.

He plays no matter who the coach or the quarterback is he can get it done Anderson split out wide on the right the Broncos taken from the 28 and it’s complete over to Owen Daniels out of Alabama brings us savviness and skill to that secondary position now the New York Giants need his safety in the worst way and so what did they do they trade up and get the best safety in the draft he will start right away for.

The New York Giants the Broncos come to the line of course plenty of pink on the field today and in the stands as all of October we’ll be seeing this for breast cancer awareness month in the NFL regard to tightening clothes and sometimes that doesn’t matter they’re so.

They got long arms they can still make the catch quarterbacks get the chance they get it done Eli we’ve seen the brothers in action before and it’s so fascinating to see the family up in the sky boxes watching these two brothers duel what do you see here well what the Manning brothers have in common they know how to stay on the field there’s no doubt.

About it my gosh candy they just play game after game after game I know Pete man he missed at one year besides that neither one of the.

Ever missed a start in his life so they go and that’s what their teams need and that’s what they get what do you think it’s like mentally for the.

Two brothers Eli and Peyton being at the same thing jeez it’s got to be awesome boy oh boy how fired up would you be to play in the NFL game as a quarterback and no one on the other team you’ve got a chance.

To beat your brother oh that’s special it might not be a Super Bowl but it’s pretty close to he fires it third down all the way Manning out of the gun in the field in the league anymore everybody’s so careful but look what could happen you can have the perfect wall the perfect kitch and a big play coming to the line at the 15-yard line let’s see how they back up the big play.

The hand off now is there to make the tackle the demon stands up early and stops the run cold good job that time you set a gym by the defense they attack the offensive line and there was nowhere for the running back to run the football second down now two tight ends on the field here Anderson’s got his hand on the tack Deb let’s keep our eye on the defense and they keep giving up a bunch like.

This they’re gonna have to change what they’re doing on the defensive side maybe bring another guy down at the Box the stop those runs this will.

Be the eighth play of this Drive has to catch touchdown marching right down the field that’s a terrific start for this team filled with the early touchdown yeah just the veiny during the week you practice you look at all that all that Phil maybe you say.

Here’s gonna be our starting place you go out there you’re lit up in your score that is a great feeling Rocko’s for the point after the point after is good the kicking team comes out he just contributed over.

60 yards receiving all eres gonna run this one out and he’s at across the 20 and.
Tackled at the 21 riding onto the field the giant record holder for.

For a career and in the playoffs two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning I think the first thing that comes to my mind every.
Time I talk about the Eli Manning with the New.

York Giants the fact that he has never missed a start and his career that is some outstanding accomplishment of course being the MVP of two Super Bowls that’s pretty awesome too first down.

At the 21 oops a hand the catch he caught.

It with one hand what must be like to be able to go down there and make them.

Play like that how about it one-handed catch that was special they come to the line and it’s first down the Giants come to the line of scrimmage and show a full house cheating’s Han at the football picks up about five as we talk about the offense Rueben Randle has gotten better every year of the league.

Since coming out of LSU in 2012 as a second round pick this gonna.

Be a breakout year for Rueben Randle he’s big fast and strong as we talked about all the time those.

Are great qualities and he got better last year look out he’ll stand back beyond the center in the gun and that’s a gain of looking at the defensive lineups Vaughn Miller is a man to watch in this one von Miller may be the fastest first step in the NFL that makes him a threat when it comes to rushing to quarterback coming to the line at the 45 things going to secure the handoff he’s brought down this defense is unbending on third down at the start of this game Phil yeah it did a big good on.

The defensive side and I don’t I can’t say much but the offense is going to get some no no imagination just grunt an ordinary.

Plays they deserve to be stopped they’re in punting formation and he cuts it and it’s going to sail pata pounds trying to play kick away from that dangerous returner the Giants defense let’s see.

Where they are mentally here Phil after allowing a touchdown well they gotta have some motivation after that last Drive it was so poor it’s about discipline we didn’t see it from.

Their defense so this and just do your job banning sat in the Vistal the Broncos from.

The 27th Hendersons taking the handoff if you want to run the football with success you’re gonna have plays like this where they picked up very little yardage don’t listen to the band’s keep running it and it’ll work that second.

Down coming up gets the handle here slashing to the right side looking for room he got to.

Be big strong we got to be tough and we saw all those qualities that time on that one time here’s the football mark at the 47 here they come back to the line after picking up over 20 yards on that last play staying on the ground be scence the one.

Who was down and will step aside for just a moment we’re back after the.

Injury timeout and Danielle Bellini will have the update on the injury in just a moment the line of scrimmage is at the 40 manning comes out of the pistol second down three to go incomplete to Demaryius Thomas so after that last incompletion it is third.

And three he’s got the cat that brings the.

Plays within is down with hard tackles that’s what you teach everybody that carries the football this league now the wide.

Receiver excellent job of breaking an arm breaking.

Huddle at the 14 yard line that was a big gainer now it’s time to back it up way through this first quarter now tailors there that time for the tackle good job of the defensive line stand.

In there and fighting and they hold the running back.

To a short game play number six coming up on this drive manning’s setting up now in the pistol second down and eight they’ve want to keep feeding him the football Andersen’s tackle down after a gain of five the Broncos have really been toppling today on the offensive.

Side in the red zone now they just take the football and they run it right at the defense and pick up solid yards it’ll be third down Manning’s gonna take the snap from the shotgun Manning complete to Demaryius Thomas the bronchoscope with the mass that time on third short the defense was ready and they.

Stopped the bass now we have.

A fourth down situation should be what we call a gimme and the kick is good.

For three they tank on another three points to the lead as they’ve done a good job getting this thing started midway through the first that’s what this team does they prepare all week they’d like to start fast and today please the Giants prepare turn the kickball and he’ll start his return able to move.

Past the 20 and brought down at the.

23 Giants heading back out there on offense hoping to improve on their last possession which ended rather quickly with a pun yeah I think what.

They got to do they got to come out be a little more creative get the defense off guard they can think over there that was too generic what he did on the offensive side if you want to score show some ingenuity the Giants all bunched up here as they get set at.

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