Nfl- Sunday Night Football: Giants Vs Broncos. (full Game)

That it that is that goes a long way in trying to win the game gets the handle here and Jennings has brought down and they will not convert here on the two-point conversion good stand by the defense Josh Brown about to boot it down the field that returns good for about 24 the Giants defense would like to repeat what it did the last drive nothing out there too long just three plays enforcing a.

Violent weather going back out there they’re fresh man and the defensive line of the defensive.

Front they were awesome that’s why they got off the field so quickly the Broncos will take the snap from the 25 come on behind the line good job by the defense they.

Stopped the offense and time on first down now the defense is in a good situation.

The Broncos take it from the 23 all over that offense and brings him down defense play the situation it’s third ball don’t let it receiver get behind you and make the cat’s to pick up the first down keep it in front of you and then let them catch it and come up.

And make the tackle this is third down Peyton Manning will be taking this one from the gun from the god move the chain catch today so far taking another look at the stats here we have a wide receiver who has put together a complete game bill it has been a tremendous game Jim no doubt about it now we understand why guys want to be.

Wide receivers in the NFL instead of running back so many more ways to get the football and much easier to make plays happen once you get it Andersen’s lined up in a single.

Back-formation manning with the gill Andersen’s tackle down after a gain of June he’s averaging about three yards of carry on the day good job on the defensive.

Line stand in there and fighting and they hold the running.

Back to a short game second down following the run Manning comes out of the pistol they’ll go ground nice rond that time you run the football like this over a period of time it’s gonna wear that defense out there’s no doubt about it nice job on the offensive line third down time enough to squeeze in one more play.

Before the two-minute warning here in the fourth looking for some daylight up the middle they take the football onto the opponent’s side of the field two minutes to go before this was in the course we’re back only two minutes remain in this one setting up now at the 44-yard line Green’s.

And tied in but now shifted into the backfield the Broncos have it at the 44 I’m out.

By the team back out there for action after that defensive timeout the offense heads to the line for the seventh.

Play of the drive the Broncos have it at the 44 they call his name again that’s a timeout by the defense he’s averaging about three yards of.

Gary on the day coming to the line at the 39 third and four right back to picking up another first down on third down and the defense will use one of its timeouts right.

The ninth play of the drive Andersen’s lined up directly behind the quarterback here the broncos take it from the 28th that’s the hundred-yard park on day always good to have these type 4 runs yeah it’s not a first down but it sends a message it shows everybody that you can run it when you want to and also it opens up.

So many other things for your offense this long drive continues second and three back to the ground and picks up a bottle and you want to keep the clock moving you run the football when you’re in the huddle has it quarterback in this.

Type of situation you just tell everybody two things stay inbounds.

And put two hands on the football takes the name you you for phil simms and all the crew at EA Sports Jim Nance saying so long for now you you you you you you you you you hello everyone I’m Larry Ridley and this is the NFL on EA Sports of course the focus will be on two talented.

Brothers getting ready to square off once again in the madding Bowl it’s Peyton Manning going up against Eli Manning now we’ll go down to Sports Authority Field.

At Mile High for this matchup Giants Broncos coming up here on.

EA Sports we’re a mile high here in Denver as we get set for today’s matchup hello friends Jim Nantz along with Phil Simms and Phil it’s an absolutely gorgeous day here for football and how will that factor into this game you’re right Jim it is a beautiful day and.

The best team usually wins because the weather is going to have no effect on all the talent on the field the throwers and catchers and ball carriers they don’t have to worry about the elements they could just go out there and show the town Josh Brown getting his.

Team set up we’re about to get underway bogans going to be deep here for the opening game this game has officially begun Caldwell’s get a start as returned 27 before he’s taken down one of the biggest legends the game will ever know quarterback.

Manning play there’s a core place he still runs that he has great success with everybody in the NFL knows he’s gonna run him but he still makes him work two tight ends on the field here first down at the 27 yargh and the offense here in.

This one will be looking to put points on the board in bunches that last running play was good for only a yard so.

It’s second down to nine banning from the gun Owen Daniels makes the catch and here’s a look at the defensive line that will try to control the trenches today third down all the way Peyton Manning from the shotgun.

The fourth down coming up looks like we’ll go three and out on this series nice job that time by the receiver on the post route he’s open but the quarterback throws it too far in misses he and it’ll be Colquitt back to punt it picks up on the Diego and leading the giants onto the field this quarterback Eli Manning a.

Two-time Super Bowl winner two times Super Bowl.

MVP well once again Eli penny takes the field this guy has never missed a step in his NFL career knows how to avoid trouble doesn’t take.

The big hits and you give this guy time he’ll get it done Jennings.

Lined up now is the running back behind the quarterback first down at the 19 and Jennings got wit five yards to start this game guiltless keep our eye on the defense and they keep giving up lunch like this they’re gonna have.

To change what they’re doing on the defense inside maybe bring another guy down at the box and stop the run the Giants decked out and a lot of pink and we see pink throughout the building it’s Breast.

Cancer Awareness Month in the NFL the Giants.

Have it at the 20 they’re the take them down the running back position today will be handled by Rashad Jennings look.

He’s a veteran running back who has power and speed but he also can block for the quarterback.

That can always stay on the field the Broncos with two extra defensive back the Giants taken from the 23 nice job that time by the defense knowing the situation go ahead let the quarterback complete the pass just make.

Sure you come up and make the tackle.

Before the first down good job fourth down coming up they’re in punting formation Sanders has gotten at the 21 they’ll mark him at the 40 Sanders is such a great athlete you gotta find these.

To get the football to eat here’s another way to get into him on the punt.

Return how explosive busy and very that’s against the Broncos gearing up for their next drive now as defense has become the order of the day here these teams trading punts on the previous.

Two possessions yeah but when you’re playing a game like this as a quarterback you know the defenses are hot and the one you’re played against.

To be careful be very smart in your decision-making don’t take any chances in a situation like this midway through the first that brings the play to an end one.

Thing coaches hate when their offense is on the field is fumbling the football because a lot of times it’s just bad fundamentals.

But they’re lucky this time they.

Have the fumble they’re able to get on top of it after nearly turning it over its second down the Broncos come to the line and they put their receivers in a bunch formation mayonnaise gonna take the snip from the shotgun there that time for the tackle well there’s not much to say about that play Jim it was a completion by the.

Quarterback and it picked up a couple of yards so they get.

The reception but it’s not enough to move the chains third down coming up the Broncos need to get to the 50 for a first down the deception by Daniels good job by the defense.

They give up the short pass they make the tackle and now we have fourth down coming up all set to punt here that punt sets up the defense now an excellent position is they’re able to down the football inside the 10 the Broncos defense forced the three and out the last series you know what they did.

They went out there and whooped the offense you know what I.

Mean by whoop that means you just dominate and they did it not where you want to begin a series backed up this deep it’s a too-tight information to give this time to the fullback was undrafted coming out of Kansas but now he’s one of the best at his position Chris Harris jr. yeah I’m not going to overstate the case for Chris Harris jr. but I think he’s one of the ten best cover corners.

The NFL he has shown that and he deserves the money he makes second down and they must be careful at this point second down and seven the field and complaint if your defensive back to the NFL now you’ve got to be alert for the deep passes down the field because not only do you got to play it well you got to make sure you don’t have pass interference third.

Down and trying to get out of here with there learn and seven series for the offensive side the situation like this you know the offense is going to be limited be aggressive.

Get up there at the line of scrimmage and try to make it happen.

That time they did it and they stopped the run for just a short game the Giants will punt the football Sanders got a chance this.

Time you get a good pump return that’s what you want and of course it helps when you have an explosive pump return the back there the Giants have been all about defense here of.

Late ran out the last time they’re on the field yeah it was really good drive by out who’s stopping the offense so quick and I look at every aspect work well the coaches.

Had to be really happy with the defense the Broncos will take the snap of the 45 for the ball-carrier defenses took center stage here in the first quarter with both offenses looking to go back to the drawing board back after this Snickers you’re not you when you’re hungry Snickers satisfies back here ready to start the second quarter and a key now is going to be which.

Offense is able to break through first Phil I don’t know if these offenses can’t.

Break through Jim I think it’s gonna we might end up seeing scoring on the defensive side before we see it on the offensive side that’s it’s been tough.

Sledding for these offensive players coming to the.

Line at the 46 and the second quarter is under way with this Anderson met after a gain of three nice job.

That time by the defense they will ready for the run nowhere for the running back to go and they stopped him for a short gain coming to the line at the 43 Manning set empty backfield third down and eight and it’s complete over to.

Owen Daniels lacy they don’t.

Have any long situations but that is a really nice job that time they pick up the first they come to the line of scrimmage first now first down here after the completion it knocks the ball out incomplete that’s interesting as you wants to receive her.

Trying to make gay kids he knew.

The defender was close so he didn’t put all this heart into it the defender made a nice hit and knocks the football out to the.

Ground second down and ten looking down the field thanks the catch touchdown they’ve got the lead here early in the second quarter of.

Good the government for them in this game yeah nice you know they learned something in that first quarter they took that knowledge and they put it to good use and they found a way to get down there and scored touchdown that is a bunch doubt by the offense the Broncos for the point after makes the.

P80 the Giants prepared to return the kickoff Harris elects to run it out it’s out past the 20 and brought down at the 24 Jackson’s ready to lead this defense back into battle he’s been front and center in what’s been a sensational effort from that unit throughout the first half you’re right Jim he is front and center and the offense.

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