Nfl- Sunday Night Football: Giants Vs Broncos. (full Game)

We have second down Anderson split out wide on the right Manning from the gun over to Thomas I’m able to make that tackle that’s a nice route on the outside nice role by the quarterback puts them in good position to keep moving and get a first down third down now manning’s lining up at the pistol looking to.

Go deep two minutes away I have to have you back because we come out of the two-minute warning.

Here in the first half set up now at.

The 39 yard line after the long gain let’s see what they do here manning standing back in the shotgun ready for the snap makes the grab at the field the Broncos have played well enough to be leading so far partner but right now the game is tied Manning’s looked in control of the offense to this point hard to believe this game is tied when you watch the offense in.

The quarterback they are out there throw the football they’re making it work and we’ll see if they can get ahead with another driver second down and seven looking across the middle and this goes incomplete as he was looking over the.

Middle it’ll be third and seven now after that incompletion Manning’s alone in the backfield the go shot got here is off target on that pass when we met with the offensive coordinator this week Phil I’m sure they had no idea that their game plan would be stymied like this.

Late in the first half oh I’m sure that Jim you know listen every time we meet with offensive coaches they think take out the best game plan they’ve had all year long well good game plans they can’t overcome the fact that the defenses are just more physical and faster than they are right now catches a piece of the upright egg goes through out the field goal.

And with that field goal they lead late in the second quarter that was a nice drive by the offense oh my gosh the execution plays some tough situations they overcame the lead with that field goal the giant prepared to return the kickoff they’re at the 20 and Eli Manning now ready for action it hasn’t quite been the start he was hoping for but he’s actually played quite well so far Phil yeah he’s played well he’s executed every time he’s given.

A chance to make a play Jim he has done it you’ve got to look at this game so far and say hey the defense got to step up if.

They hope the witness game today the Broncos with a nickel look here on defense first down at the 20 the first that’s his.

First reception today good job by the offense going the hurry up often she do this to get the to conserve the time good.

Job that time by the Bell carrier pick it up while he can and he’s very smart gets out of bounds to stop the clock Manning’s completion percentage 70% on the day second down coming up.

Manning will take the snap from the shotgun my man hang out.

To Victor Cruz and they advanced the ball onto the other side of the field well we got a close game here right before half good job by the offense decided to go into hurry what you need get and use up as real time as possible second down following that incompletion the Broncos go with the dime formation here on defense Manning from the shotgun Andals met at the 16.

The giant signal for a timeout they have two remaining the offense has had time now to game plan strategize after the timeout and now they’re ready to go all set up now at the 16 first down following the long play Eli Manning takes it from the gun.

The play is made by Beckham that governments tackled down after a gain of 15 only a yard from the end zone defense ready in the goal line formation on this one first a goal Jennings Han punch.

Down and as we near the half a lead now is there’s thanks to that touchdown yeah you know how look at that just think about how much that changes the mentality of both teams one now all psyched up.

And emotionally feeling great and the.

Defensive side oh my gosh they are down and have to be disappointed about how they played on that drive the Giants.

With the PA 82 come extra point was good the Broncos can perhaps get the big return and do something here before halftime they’re suddenly trailing the scores 14 to 10 the Franco’s back deep ready to receive Caldwell’s got it on the return 26 yard line Andersen’s on his way back out there and his typical contributions have been absent from this offense.

For the better part of this first half admit the defense is playing spectacular they are the place are aggressive they’re fast so the offense has to counter.

Maybe do some counter runs take advantage of the fact that the defense is being so aggressive you know I get about one spectacular out of you a year so there it was yeah let’s be Jackie Manning’s ready for the snap in thei backfield the God concentration as he makes the ground the Broncos signal for the time and.

That’s the first one they’ve used the offense is set at the line for the first down after that completion take Manning from the shotgun complete failing to complete that one so second down here the Giants defense brings in an extra member of the secondary they’ll go Nichol Manning.

Of the gun while the football has the cash nice job that time by the runner gets out of Bounce after the play you got under two minutes and you need to stop the clock so he gets it done Manning’s completion percentage 60% on the day they complete the pass but still not.

Enough for the first third down coming up Anderson’s in the backfield single back set and the perception by and the first down on his picked up the Bronco whose decide to take a timeout here leaving them with only one offense getting set now.

Following the timeout coming to the line at the 38 the Broncos take it from the 38 today.

The Broncos it go for the timeout and they have none remaining he’ll try this one from 39 the kick is good the kick here before the intermission.

What does that do for this team puts them in a good frame of mind it was a good drive by the offense so that’s got to give them and any time you pull is going.

To have time you got to be you got to be happy about that the Giants prepared to return the kickoff and he’ll start his return cackles maid the 26 yard line onto the field it’s been a heck of a day for him.

Up to this point partner we expect nothing less he’s an excellent player but he gets a chance and you give him an opportunity to make a play he seems to always come through with him takes the knee we’re headed to the half here in a tight low scoring defensive battle.

I’m sure both teams will be making adjustments offensively coming out of the Hat Larry Ridley’s coming up next thanks Jim.

And welcome to the EA Sports halftime report I’m Larry Wrigley let’s get ready now to take a look back at the first half the Broncos are on the.

Bad end of things at home but we’ll have two quarters to turn it around the Giants deserve to be ahead but we’ll need to put together another strong half so here we go let’s take a look at some of the.

Highlights from the first half Broncos lined up at the 43 Manning’s got a receiver near the sideline sticking with the same Drive quick passing Sanders with the.

Gonna go 27 yards for the score he’ll take the early advantage midway through the second quarter here the pass would be completed into coverage and he caps off the six play drive with the score Giants tied up.

At 7 so then we’ll wrap it up for us here at the EA.

Sports to do you head back down.

To Denver welcome back to Sports Authority Field at Mile High Jim Nantz bill Sims and Danielle Bellini here for the start of the second half the Broncos ready to kick it away the second half is officially underway Paris is going to run this one out crash into him ending the return at the 20-yard line the Giants take the field here in the second half looking to extend their lead in this one Parker yeah you know what you do it’s halftime is over you come out.

Here you’re not sure what the new team plan is gonna be but kill your way don’t take a chance earlier turn the football first down at the 20 Randall’s got it screenplay gets about four yards that time when.

You talk about throwing the football into open space that’s almost always that get zoned offenses that’s what we saw that time good job by the quarterback swollen in there that was a nice reception but not enough for the first down second down coming up the Broncos.

At at the line dime package and Jennings gonna secure the he has to be frustrated on that plane I think he calls to play play but what happens we what that’s just a bad job of the always looking at third down Giants get set at the line needing to get to the.

30 for a first Manning’s back.

In shotgun formation that’s his third catch of the day that’s what you want to do get a first down while you’re on top and keep that clock moving and just controlling the football game good job by the offense managing things so.

Today Manning’s now completed four in a row they’re back at the line after that catch for a first down the line of scrimmage get the sack on the quarterback and nowadays you’ve got to do it all if you’re an outside linebacker you’ve got to be tough against the run couple procedures down the field plays like that get to the quarterback the Giants will take the snap from the 25 well it’s do.

Now and you’ve got to go ahead and make the call to give your offense a chance to get this first down and I know this team they have a lot at their disposal I think there’s a play in there it’s going to give them a.

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