Nfl- Sunday Night Football: Giants Vs Broncos. (full Game)

Good chance the defense looking for one more stop here on third down after that run the Broncos lined up in the nickel Manning will take the step from the shotgun brings it in along the sideline that’s awesome every time.

Your defense on the sidelines and they get their get rested up and ready for their turn but you got a lead here it’s a small one in the second half keep getting those first downs play.

Number six coming up on this drive first down at the 50 one-handed Randall’s tackle down at the 43 what must be light to be able to go down there and make a play like.

That how about one-handed cats that was special Manning’s completed his last six passes – R image the 43-yard line the Giants take it from the 43 Jennings tackled at the 42 looking at the passing numbers on both sides of the ball but just not there the coverage has been good and has been hard to move the ball against those secondaries yeah good job for the defense today if they got a good pass rush going to coverage has been good down the field.

And also the defense has been good but the quarterback has not been real sharp this will be the eighth play of this Drive with this play they’ll go with two tight ends you’ll get it again this offense can’t be stopped on third down no matter the distance.

Did he able to get it done that time why because he has the power and the will to make it happen third short he just gets a dunk with sheer willpower this next play comes from the 30 first down.

At the 30 Jennings taking the hand off that’s a gain of maybe five when you run the football like this and you show toughness there is no doubt when you fainted and try.

To throw the football down the field the quarterbacks gonna have.

All day to get it done play after play after play here on this Drive the Giants will take the snap from the 25 Jackson takes him to the ground like.

That by the defensive in your offensive tactics just got to do a better job it’s third down coming up we head to the fourth which of these defenses will crack first we’ll be back after this heading to the fourth corner and Phil Simms these offenses have been held in check so far do you expect that to.

Continue oh absolutely we’ve seen so much here so far in other words defenses have kind of dominated the place so there’s no reason.

To think that all of a sudden these offense is going to turn things around and hey I think whichever defense comes up with a big play is the one that’s gonna win this game the Broncos defense now is going to go nickel here.

Is the first snap of the final quarter stands in the pocket this will be a field goal drive for brown and then.

Kick and it’s through there the kick is good Tim they get the field gold at that time and it keeps the momentum on their side and positive energy it makes you feel good now we’ll see if the defense can carry on Josh Brown.

About to boot it now the field well it’s got a chance to return this one the 20 and brought down at the 24 Caldwell still.

Down so we’ll take a quick break and be back in just a moment we’ll head back to the field now Danielle Bellini is working to get us an update on that injury as soon as possible I think you can just tell by the body language of the way he’s acting that is a pump of body injury hope it’s not severe we’ll let you know.

Soon as we find out the Broncos in quite a battle here in the fourth the scores 17 to 13 first down at the 24 surveys good job that time picking up the first down let’s look at the situation you’re behind the second half you keep looking to pick up those first downs and you know you get enough but what does he do where.

He said it leads to a school manning’s now completed four in a row heading to the line at the 22 the Giants with a nickel look here on defense first down at the 22 the football that has hold of.

It with two hands so far when you can’t hit the quarterback the put pressure on e there’s not much you’re going to get done in.

That time quarterback head time throws you down the field for another completion Manning’s completion percentage 70% on the day Tim when you get inside the other team’s red zone inside the 20-yard line and you’re down some points you’re thinking touchdown in these situations they run the counter play able to read that play and make the hit what a job by the defense down on the goal line they were playing run all the way it was a.

Run they got to penetration and they tackle the runner.

For a loss and now they’ll try over again on second down Anderson’s going to take the handoff now maybe three or four if I just want to say this to the quarterback its third goal if the plays not there throw.

The action third down about three and a.

Half remaining in the game the Giants defense brings in an extra member of the secondary they’ll go nickel third and goal at the five lunch was that score right there partner when they absolutely had to get the touchdown once by the offense now.

Let’s see if the defense can deal with the pressure can they go out there and and finish this.

Game mom will find out the Broncos for the point after and the extra point the.

Giant set up to the kick return they’ve just lost the lead so needs a try and respond scores 22 17 the Giants prepared to return the kickoff and here’s Harris the 26 yard line Loes game right now Parker and you look at the.

Match up and running back in either one of them has really been all that effective no jab they have not been I’ll say this to the running backs to the coaches to the offensive line everybody stayed patient stayed with the.

Run game and I think it will work the.

Broncos come out in a dime package from the shotgun.

Nice job that time by the defensive player he is all over the receiver of his man-to-man coverage and there was just nowhere for the quarterback to throw the football manning’s got it in the gun unable to bring it in wrong situations a.

Lot of coordinators in this league we’ve got a draw play on third wall why because they’re just looking for field position pick up a few yards and then by some miracle if the running backs able to make guys miss breaks some tackles and pick up a first down matches the Giants will set up the 36 is the first down line the Giants stop.

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