Nfl- Sunday Night Football: Giants Vs Broncos. (full Game)

It at the 26 the football game what do you do on the defensive side about that time the defensive coordinator stayed aggressive and.

He forces a fourth down by the off thing they’re.

Set to punt it away now Sanders has got it now don’t mark him at the 34 and a run.

Back of about 14 the Broncos have been pressed today with some of these deep passes Manning’s arm is one of the best in the league long passes down the field that are completed it’s still one of the prettiest place in.

All of sports it just looks majestic and man has he been sharp today at the 3466 yards from pay dirt the defense needs a big stop here in order to get the offensive chances we’re running low on time in this one a nice grab no doubt he was going to hold on to that.

One the Broncos have created chances for themselves in the passing attack today Manning’s had a huge performance in this one when you talk about creating opportunities that’s where you have to give credit to the coaching staff they have helped the players the play designs have been good and the players who take it advantage of just two minutes left.

In this one now back in a moment welcome back coming out of the two-minute warning here in the final quarter an extra tight end on the field for this one the Broncos have it at the 39 trying to power his way that’s a timeout call following that.

Timeout defense back out on the field third and two here after the run manning comes out of the pistol and off babe and it’s going to be tackled and that’s going to bring us to fourth down they call for the timeout to stop the clock after that defensive timeout were ready.

For action and it’ll be Colquitt back to punt and a touchback they needed the ball back and they got it off the fun and now they.

Need points they do have time outs to work with here in the final two minutes yeah heaven those timeouts is everything what do we always say use those timeouts in the.

First half in the second half protect them like they’re gold give this offense and the goats credit they saved a couple and that’s going to help up in this trust first down pressure on every staff now Manning’s gonna take it from the gun finding.

That’s reception number four for him always try to save the timeout.

Or timeouts when you can and one way to do it is built in the hurry-up offense good job should have had that one but it goes incomplete is he a receipt for dropping.

Past that it does go through quarterbacks line well he’s a good player and I want to keep his confidence level up and.

I want to keep him into the game so when you get a chance you thought without the football so we can make that catch to get right back in with second down laid in the fourth quarter second and ten Jennings with the cash and Jennings is brought.

Down trailing every third down so big at this point you know when you push the tip on late in the game when you’re down a few points it makes the deep.

Bench gonna react instead much better chance and hurry up offense trying to store these situations not much time left here and they’re down so they’re gonna stay out here on.

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