Nfl- Sunday Night Football: Giants Vs Broncos. (full Game)

Fourth down the Broncos will come out in the dime Eli.

Manning takes it from the gun and next oh they come up the football and the defense takes possession fill the game comes down to one play is the difference-maker it sure was I give a defense all the credit great call the defensive coordinator they just attacked got their hit the care ball.

Carrier and he let go that football the Broncos offense getting ready to start this drive things are looking good for them at this stage of the game partner yeah this is where it gets tough though Jim they gotta find the way make the right play call to give one first down that puts the.

Other team in a very tough situation hold on a minute they’re gonna stop play and take another look at that last.

One or was it a fumble first I think what we need to do here and let’s stop it when the knee hits the grant and once we stop it let’s look at the football does he have possession of it completely at that time if he does then it’s going to be down the runner will be down before the fun.

Would occur well it was called one way on the field but now inside of two minutes it was a booth review and the call was overturned I think if you left it up the coaches ate like them the.

Booth to review a mall gym because put all the pressure on the officials in the NFL that’s what it’s there for to overturn bad calls on the.

Giants don’t want to squander this opportunity they have great starting field position and a chance to tie in up here on the 4th so first and goal to go it starts and they’re able to.

One time yeah that’s what you want to do you want to get as many plays off as you can Jim by using get it your time out getting that about spike into football a lot of things to do here.

We’ll see if the offense is up for all of them defense looking for a stop the big stock you see the rushing numbers man there’s just not much to look at because neither team has run the ball very well today yeah really when you look at running the football it’s not a strength of either football team so it’s it’s pretty easy to stop them in situations like this third and goal at the three there’s a flag right there and it’s had to live to the end.

Zone but the defense comes up huge on the final play to preserve the victory the Giants lineup for the.

Field goal try if the kick goes.

Through this one will in all.

Likelihood be headed to overtime this kit late of the game to tie it and it’s good we are going to overtime more football to be played here this one is going to.

The extra session so here in overtime the rules change.

If you receive the ball first and get a touchdown the game is over however if you take the ball.

Down on your first drive and only managed a field goal the other team will have a chance to tie or win the game and if both teams get field goals on their opening drives the next team the.

Score from there will win the game the Giants prepared to return the.

Kickoff he’s got a chance to return this one and he’s taken down right at about the 29 not quite to the 30 the.

Giants put some points on the board on the previous possession but.

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