Nfl- Sunday Night Football: Giants Vs Broncos. (full Game)

It was just a field goal but you’re looking to add some more right here yeah they will I know listen you know when you talk about touchdown drives you have to kick the field goal what does that mean that means you failed on third down just not a good play on third down they got to do better that situation if they do that’s going to lead to seven point Eli Manning will take it from the center here the Giants have it at.

The 29 got to give the defensive credit.

Encores down there’s so many things the offense can do they were ready for that play and they stopped second and 12 – now with the reception brought down at the 38 well the Gregg route that.

Time picked up solid yards these receivers sometimes they get a little nervous run of these drag routes or these short crossers because they are afraid so a defender is going to come.

Nowhere and hit him that’s the quarterbacks job see in front of the receiver lead the guide to the open space Manning’s completion percentage 60% on the day the Giants take it from the 38 and Jennings guy he’s brought down that’s gonna break up for now you can pick.

Them up and we could stop them they stopped the third and now.

They’re in punting formation and no return is this goes Bruns hunchback the Broncos stalled on their last drive forced a punt so now the offense comes back out onto the field yeah they’re cut them back out they like confidence and I understand why they came out couldn’t get anything defenses flying around making the place they got to change the tempo of this game first down at the 20 after the incomplete pass it.

Brings up second down the Giants lined up in the nickel Manning from the gun Lag is down the defense accepts the penalty after that.

Penalty it’s now second down at twenty Manning’s all by himself in the backfield for this now snapped it out of the gun there’s a couple.

Ways to get to the quarterback but over the tackle or run around him it doesn’t matter as long as you get the sack backs-to-the-wall on third down double tight end formation here’s the.

Handoff and though running he’s going to be tackled and that’s going to bring us the fourth down problems trying to catch the defense by surprise here on third and long they go with the run sometimes those runs on third and long work because you can pick up a first down but that time the.

Defense is ready they tried it and it didn’t work and it’ll be Colquitt back to punt eres gonna look for space now he’ll pick up seven this time defense.

Last time out there said you know what we’re in three and out business a great late Charlie Jones who has said that was spectacular and that’s what they look.

Like then that last ride they just they dominated in.

Every aspect yeah we leave is the best the giant have it at the 44 Larry Tinnell has the catch follow us out the Giants did a good job then down to pass on first down and picked up some sub nice guys now second and short really puts the defense in a tough position it’s now second down the Broncos defense now is going.

To go nickel Jennings handed the football.

Is brought down he’s averaged about two yards of.

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