Nfl- Sunday Night Football: Giants Vs Broncos. (full Game)

Sack outside linebackers you can get to the quarterback they are over because it takes talent size speed everything to do it as a linebacker and we saw that time way we’ll switch sides and take a break as the first quarter comes to a close.

Here in Denver Colorado Papa John’s where you always get better ingredients better pizza the Giants on offense here to start the second quarter this will be the offenses 12 play of the drive the Giants need to get to the 18 to extend this drive and.

The second quarter is under way with this whoa you’ll try this one from 51 puts it through the uprights needed plenty of lag on that one that field goal narrows the gap here in the early part of the second quarter Phil.

Yes you couldn’t drive Jim that time it’s a morale booster it gives you energy and did everything for your football team I know it was just a field goal but I thought it was very important for the football team the Broncos back deep ready to receive Caldwell’s got it.

The 26 yard line the Broncos have tried to stretch the field vertically and they certainly have Manning’s been dropping back and airing it out he’s had the time to air that football out and what we are seeing the speed of this offense and speed what does it do it can get.

They are making big plays the Broncos come to the line in a tight game here in the second quarter the scores 10 to 3 reversed down at the 26 Anderson’s ready to run off the screen that’s a gain of 10 the prong Kosar up right now Phil that’s at least partly due to the play of the quarterback Manning’s been and rhythm so far today he has been in rhythm he has had some days.

Jim when you warm up you know you happen and that’s what happened this guy’s name.

But he was warming up he had it and he hasn’t the game the Giants defense brings in an extra member of the secondary they’ll go nickel the Broncos snappin at the 36 surveys.

He’s brought down you just can’t expect your defensive backs to cover that long it’s good coverage initially but the and sooner.

Receivers are going to get open just 25 yards to paydirt first down following the long play Manning from the gun looking across the middle that’s his fourth catch of the day the Broncos have leaned on their tight end in the passing game to this point and Daniels has been called on and he’s delivered fill votes his job is always find a.

Way to move the football and today they do it the tight end was going to be a big part of it he has talent and man can he get away from the people come the Broncos step up to the line employing now they’re jumbo.

Package second and two didn’t get the feet down and complete coming.

To the line at the 18 Manning’s lining up at the pistol third and two Manning with the guild nice job that time by the offense getting the first down inside the redzone and it’s a good thing they got a quarterback with the strong arm because you’ve got to throw into some tight spots in the red zone stepping up to the line at the 14 now first and.

Ten Anderson’s nice job that by the defense state we’re ready for the run nowhere for the running back to.

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