Nfl- Sunday Night Football: Giants Vs Broncos. (full Game)

Go and they stop before a short game at the 11:00 Manning’s gonna be in the pistol here second down.

And seven is Mark Giants have speed.

On the defensive side no doubt about it and for their backed up they don’t have to worry about players going file because they’re in the red zone they become even faster way to get to the.

Football on that throw and catch and they stop the play.

For a short game the offense heads to the line for the seventh play of the drive manning standing back in the shotgun ready for the snap that’s down early in the second.

And that touchdown puts a little more distance between these teams has done us and you don’t want to the one team this behinds got to decide to do they could have.

To come out here and fight because it pretty evident the team hard and it’s going to be a tough day and the extra point the Giants prepared to return the kickoff tackle we’ll mark it at the 22-yard line the John hands stepping back onto the field to get this next drive underway their previous possession was a field goal yeah I think they feel.

Good about that field goal they made some good plays and they got down there and they moved the football and they they got it in position where.

They could get to me ago now you take the knowledge that you gained from that last drive use it and try to go down there now and score touched it they’ve got to be wondering though can they finish off the drive today the Giants will line up in a full house set first down at the 22 go draw Jennings tackle down after a.

Defensive ends I’d like to go up the field and they think they’re going to get to the quarterback you know it’s do those kind of defensive ends you run draw plays and screens underneath them take advantage of the fact that they’re not read your team’s second and four coming up takes it from the gun great pass great catch great control tackle.

Down at the 45 that’s another receptions giving it to well as you saw that receiver make the catch I’ll just say this you cannot throw.

The football enough his way there’s no such thing written down you don’t like anything turn and find him and throw it to him it’s first down as they head to the line let’s see what they do on first down following that huge play Eli Manning takes it from the gun makes the.

Reception the Giants for the good job that time thought to pass on first down and picked up some nice yards now in second and short really puts the defense in a tough position second and three coming up the Giants take it from the 38 we go in to coaches teammates everybody loves.

To see a player give that type of effort how about the receiver.

Just going all out to make the gist doesn’t quite get there but the effort is outstanding failing to connect there third down Eli Manning will take it from the center here and Jennings going to secure the handle he’s taken down but not until he picks up the first he’s averaging about.

Four yards of Gary Jenny able to get it done that time why because he has the power in the will to make it happen third short he just gets a dump with sheer willpower first down here shotgun look here for Eli Manning out of the shotgun that’s what’s expected the NFL now the players especially these receivers are so aggressive so athletic they go.

All out for every catch that time he just lets it all go not able to make the catch but I’ll give him an A for effort second down and ten we’ll go crown Marines a dangerous wonder when you give him room to.

Run but there is no guru at this time want a job by the defense they BA believe up for short Dean at the 30-yard line here comes the snap and eight back it’s.

A front line puts it there gift after they know it probably gonna be an ass and they get back to the quarterback and taking them.

All set to punt gear and a touchback Andersen’s ready to take his place in the backfield again and.

Phil he staked them to this lead with some outstanding rushing here in the first half there is nothing this guy can’t do with the football in his hands he can make you miss he can run all the way he can run around to.

Fun to watch the Giants lined up in the nickel first down at the 20 Anderson’s taking the handoff he’s averaging five yards per carry on the day good coaching on the defensive side and everybody stays at home they stay in their gap and they hold that run to a short.

Game second and eight coming up the Broncos from the 22 running right through the trenches this is one good tackling defense they stay in good position at all times and we saw at that time when they stopped the play for a short game on the.

Way third down away from the ball there’s a.

Flag down on the field that penalty is of course going to be accepted by the defense third down after the.

Penalty scans the field long intercepted good job that time by the defense not being fooled being in position when you’re in position you have a chance to make the play that time.

They did they got the interception the Giants stalled on their last Drive forced the punt so now the offense comes back out onto the field yeah they’re coming back out they like confidence and I understand why they came out couldn’t get anything done the defense was.

Around making the plays they got to change the tempo of this game first down at the 36 Jennings going to take the hand off good job by the defense they stopped the first game play that time by the offense and now they have a good.

Situation second down coming up the Broncos come out in a dime package Jennings got on the about three Jeanine’s never able to build up that power that he has.

As her money back but there’s nowhere to go hey there’s nowhere to go that’s a short game after that run third and aim for the offense looking at every option the Giants will punt the football touchback now as the ball comes out to the 20 Thomas is taking the field here and he hasn’t been the primary focus of their passing game today somewhat surprisingly but they haven’t needed him.

I think it’s caught the defense off off-guard they were expecting him to be the primary focus and they put.

All their efforts into stopping him that’s work but they forgot this other players out there who can get it done and I’ve owned this team is just even though then I get the football to the star wide receiver they’re winning and that makes you happy first down at the 20 Anderson’s will mark the football at the 22 the defense.

Accepts the pebble system a long field ahead.

Of them at the 10 manning’s all by himself in the backfield for this snap they’ll hike it to him out of the shotgun scanning the field has the sack that’s what all defensive coordinators love to see when they don’t have to blitz and one of their.

Defensive linemen gets the sack without any blitzing second down with the defense ready to pounce drop it back three incomplete as banning is off target on that pass any time your receiver running any route the NFL they’re worried about getting hit don’t lead them too far in a slant route.

Just throw it right animal third down have to be very careful here Manning comes out of the pistol hands off me and he’s going to be tackled and that’s going to bring us to fourth down hard to second-guess the offense in a situation like this third long to think you’re gonna go to football down the field and.

Pick it up that’s not going to happen so you’re trying to baby kits to defense by surprise well that.

Run play didn’t surprise them great job on the defensive side the Broncos call.

For the punting team Harris has got it now David is there to make the tackle that returns good for about 14 gearing up for this next drive he’s been the leader for them it was.

Been a terrific defensive effort up to this point partner you know what he does he brings energy to the defense there’s no question about that and I love the way he plays it just rubs off with all the.

Steamboats first down at the 43 Randall’s have some.

Heat on it that’s reception number four.

For him nanny job is to sell that plate bacon boy did he do at that time it fooled the defense and they get the completion manning’s completion percentage 60% on the day the line of scrimmage is the 26-yard line first and ten and Jennings going to secure the handoff he’s averaging about three yards of Gary.

On the day Judy tried to be patient but there is nowhere to run that time and he only gets a short game and of Abby’s second down at six after the running play on first.

The two-minute warning in this one welcome back and we’re coming out of the two-minute warning second down and six third down now manning’s back in shotgun formation nice job that time of the defensive player he is all over the receiver this man-to-man coverage and there was just built where for the quarterback to throw.

The football Browns lining up for the field goal he’s one for one so far today and he converts here on the field goal dry we gotta take advantage of good field position the.

At that time I know they get three points out of it nice kick but still a letdown for the offense Josh Brown about to boot it down the field Bolton’s got a chance to return this one the.

25-yard line the Broncos offense enjoying an outstanding first half here partner and they’re.

Sitting on a pretty comfortable lead as we draw near the break yeah their offense is playing well now the defensive side what you have to do you’re getting beat up a little bit make some changes call some different defensive formations to give your.

Players a much better chance of success the Broncos will take the snap from the 25 to Daniels the Broncos have gone to the air here in the first half and when they have they look to their tight end and Daniel’s has been key to a lot of what they’ve been doing in the.

Passing game big key so far here in the first half Jim you talked about the tight in these tight.

Ends down the NFL they’re big like a tight end but they can what and they’re fast as wide received one second down and four Thomas there catch the Broncos all the time out there first following that timeout offense back out on the field.

With about a minute to go in that half it’s a first down first down and ten.

With two hands the Broncos won and timeout second down after that pass play the Giants will come out in the dime get the feet down but this will be ruled incomplete got to get this secondary credit this passing league now it’s hard to make plays but a good play there in another incomplete pass inside the 50 the Giants defense now is going to go nickel third down and one.

This target over the bed oh but that pass goes incomplete the Broncos will second-guess that play call that time on third short they throw the.

Football everybody thought they were going to run it they were trying to be too clever and it backfired down sport Dan.

The Broncos will have to punt and a lot of favorable bounce this time as it’s headed to the end zone for a touchback the Giants put some points on the board on the previous possession but it was just a field goal they’ll be looking to have some more right here yeah they will and you know listen you know when you talked about touchdown drives you have to kick the field goal what does that.

Mean that means you’ve failed on third down just not a good play on third down they got to do better that situation if they.

Do that’s gonna lead to seven points it’s an empty backfield for Manning this time from the gun stands in the pocket looking to go down the field here and it’s not down they went for the deep throw but the defensive back was there yeah good job that time I got to give the defensive back a lot of credit he was not caught sleeping out there he was alert read the right keys and he was.

Right with the receiver to knock down that deep throw and now they’ll try.

Over again on second down and extra tight end on the field for this one Jennings taking the hand off well you got to know the.

Situation as a player either the coaches didn’t tell you this you should know it when you get a chance inside of two minutes to get out of bounds you do it now looking at third down the first half.

Is complete Larry Ridley is ready to take things over back in our Studios and you’re watching the NFL on EA Sports thanks Jim and welcome to the EA Sports halftime report I’m Larry Wrigley the Broncos want to continue.

To give their fans something to cheer about in the second half the chance no it’s always hard to come.

In and get a win on the road but they’re not out of this one yet so let’s.

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