Nfl- Sunday Night Football: Giants Vs Broncos. (full Game)

All over everything and the pass goes incomplete they’re set to punt it away now and that pun is going out of bounds they are not going to allow them to return.

It and Daniels has stretched out the field for this offense and he’s been rewarded with some big plays in his direction Phil yeah he’s.

So hard to cover in the gym when you watch him run and go down the field even if.

You covering he’s such a big guy you can still play the football he’s had an outstanding day manning’s got it in the gun the reception five perceptions.

On the day feed the momentum on your side you got a lead here in the second half nice play that time and pick up the first down let’s see if you can take advantage of Manning’s completion percentage 60% on the day Andersen’s lined up now is the running back behind the quarterback first down at the 32 Andersen’s and at the football over 60 yards rushing on the ground always good to have these types of runs yeah it’s not a first down but it sends a message it shows everybody that you can.

To and also it opens up so many other things for your office second and five coming up the Broncos run 237 is off target on that pass well your teammates are really gonna respect you if there’s something like this anytime you’re on that field as an athlete and when you give all your effort to every single play like that time how about that just give it every.

Bit of effort he can to make the kids not able to get it what a job if manning sat in the Vista the fraud codes from the 37th Aires takes them to the ground well the defense is going to be excited anytime on.

Third down they make the play they get pretty fired up but when you sacked.

A quarterback on third down that is one happy and emotional defense right now and.

It’ll be Colquitt back to Ponte Harris from the 23 able to take the football out to the 28 yard line and a run back of about five.

Marshalls taking the field again and he’s gunning.

For another stop here for this defense in a game that’s been full of them up to this point he has so much talent physically we see.

That every single week when we’re.

Watching play but the thing that just catches my attention how he leads the rest of the guys out there on the field double tight information.

That Giants take it from the 28th makes the catch Paris is evil like make them here facts that have never thrown at that time.

Even though he completes the pass we should have.

Seen the defense was right there along this would be second down hand on Jennings ends up picking up three yards every quarterback hates a situation like this shootout the football game and.

He got third long but you must be thinking don’t turn it over so don’t force the situation by trying to throw it in there and tight coverage.

If they’re not open throw it short this is third down the Giants get set at the line needing to get to the 38 for a first the Giants.

Options situation the pass goes incomplete and the defense did a good job stay it back there and not giving up the deep bro they’re in punting formation Sanders is going to take this one from the 24 and a rough back up about 11 the broncos came out and ran the football with success but that certainly.

Has leveled off Anderson’s had less space to maneuver as this game has gone on yeah let’s give the defense a little credit deepali says okay we got to find a way to stop this bloody game they changed the defense a little bit and it’s work the Broncos will take the snap from the 35 gets it out for the completion being the go-to target Vil I think you would say every quarterback needs one the back one just like this guy I.

Know this they need one I know they all want one and as a wide receiver some guys it doesn’t matter if you double-team him every single play they just have the neck and the talent can find a way to get over second and six coming up the Giants with a nickel look here on defense Peyton Manning from the shotgun they’re the sideline that’s reception number seven for him are in front thanks to their quarterback Manning’s done everything he can to keep his team on top he has been so efficient here today.

Very smart making decisions and when you put those two things together that’s why your football team is winning first down at the 46 they run the caliber planet the Broncos offensive coordinator he has to be frustrated by that playing I.

Think he calls to my play but what happens to run loses yards that’s just a bad job of the offensive.

Line loss of two on that play coming to the line at the 48 the Giants defense brings in an extra.

Member of the secondary they’ll go nickel second and 12 Anderson’s gonna secure the handoff he’s averaging about four yards of Gary you got to give a lot of credit to the defense they.

Were all over the front that time they only give up short game third and nine coming up the Broncos will take the snap from the.

45 thoughtless put themselves in a terrible situation there’s long but you know what they’ve done a lot of talent on the offensive side and that was a awesome job of picking up their first Manning’s depletion percentage 60% on the day gently offensive coordinators done a terrific job so far here today he’s got his team winning they’re in the red zone let’s see how clever he’s going to be on this ball now first and ten here’s the handoff and no run tailors bears to take it down push down by the offense inside the redzone.

Can the defense show up something different here they keep him from scoring a touchdown play number six coming up on this Drive the Broncos come out in a bunch set mr. gold for the school second touchdown of the game with that score they now have a nice buffer to work with over this last quarter in the half but this game is not over they’re gonna come out there on the.

Offensive sadly you’ve got please take a chance and get back in this.

Game it’s Donald the Broncos.

For the point after and the point after is good Manning’s gonna look on now from the sidelines that last drive he contributed more than 50 yards in the air the Giants prepared to return the kickoff and as he takes a need madding will now bring his offense onto the.

Field the Broncos have gotten a huge lift from their defense all.

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