Nfl- Sunday Night Football: Giants Vs Broncos. (full Game)

Game long here and now well into the second half as well it always starts with defensive line play just like an offense an offensive line when the defensive line plays well that helps the linebackers and all the defensive.

Backs Jennings lined up as the single back first down at the 20 Jennings inside semester Williams puts a stop to that Jenny sedan just run it would you give me room to run the Dare is no room this time what a job by the defense they bodily bump for a short game that leads us to second down the Broncos lined up in the nickel maduk.

Will take the snap from the shotgun and.

The ball hit hard the football hit his hands but when a defender times it perfectly like that with that much powered speed going into that receiver you are gonna let that foot wall go that’s even.

Danger really good job by the defense plan the Giants get set at the line needing to get to the 30 for a first the Giants.

From the 22 the pass is off the mark and that’s a three and Italians put themselves in a situation where the defense has all the advantage they know the past probably has to build out the field on third in law and they were rn4 all set to punt here Sanders got it on the return quarterback plays well and the other doesn’t that can lead to a pretty one-sided affair like we’ve had here today yeah it has.

Been one-sided but look there’s always read why a quarterback plays well or it doesn’t tip it truly is a team game on the offensive side and the good numbers come from.

The offensive line they played well and the bad numbers come from an offensive line they’ve really struggled here today Manning comes out of the pistol first down at the 40 Anderson’s taking the handoff by the defense this will be a loss of three Giants defense is so fast and so powerful that time of.

The runs play they just overpower the.

They tackle the runner for a loss second down and 12 Anderson’s going to take.

The handoff now he’s averaging about four yards of carry well not many yards you get there on that play but it doesn’t matter what a day and what a job this running back as that is done here after.

That run third and eight for the offense Oh Manning out of the gun the mark and this is going to bring up fourth down short series this time.

For the offense the Broncos call for the punting team and a touchback here will bring the ball out to the 20 the Giants offense has been nowhere in sight here for quite a while three consecutive drives that have come away empty what about a film that is the old phrase hit by a they are definitely missing in action.

Because there’s no action on the offensive side it’s time for the quarterback to call the right plays and help his team out they get this thing moved the.

Defense now is going to go nickel here’s the handoff von miller ends the play when you run the football like this and you show toughness.

There is no doubt well you faked it.

And try to throw the football down the field the quarterbacks going to have all day to get it done second down after going to the ground game the first play.

The screen with Jennings as the first down now looking for more watch the old expression just moved the chains that’s what they did but that throw up catch that time tip and also gives up a chance for three more downs Manning’s completion percentage 50% on the day.

They’re back at the line after that catch for a first down Manning from the shotgun second and 10 will go.

Ground and that’s a big tackle behind the line of scrimmage I just say this be very careful on the offensive side down look here for Eli Manning we’ll send it back to.

The quarterback out of the gun good throw and good cats right on the sidelines good job by the defense there well talk well spill it by the defensive coordinator they know in situations like this if it’s thrown short of the.

First down marker they’re good they.

Come up make the tackle now we have fourth day the Giants will punt the football no chance to.

Return this one as that punt is headed to the sidelines the Broncos have extended their halftime lead and they haven’t wasted any time in doing so as they continue to.

Motor up and down the field you know this is what you got to do in this league now when you.

It’s going well the offensive side don’t slow down don’t get conservative keep it going try to score points and just dominate the other team first down at the 16 to the ground with Wallace late here in the third this offense cannot be happy about losing a bit of focus here yeah you’re.

Matter what the situation is in a game but let’s be honest they’ve played extremely well to this point so that one mistake that should not hurt him the Giants.

Bringing their offense onto the field it wasn’t a very productive possession for them last time out partner they ended up punting well you know what it was it was a good feeling out process so they got some knowledge by watching the defense and what defenses they tried on them so.

You’ve got to take advantage of that knowledge.

Out here make some plays good job by the offense getting into the red zone now you’re down some points you got to find a.

Way to score touchdown first and 10 and Jennings got on Jennings meant after a gain of three.

City is never able to bill up that power that he has as a running back when there’s nowhere to go Hey nowhere to go had some short game they went with the ground game on first down bringing up second they’ll run it here.

He didn’t get many yards in time on that run but he’s had a terrific day when there’s an opportunity to get some yards he’s been there to take advantage of third down all the way that’s a ball smart.

Third down after the penalty the Broncos with a nickel look here on defense.

On three plays we’ll switch sides and take a quick break as the third quarter comes to a.

Close here just beneath the Rocky Mountains in Denver Colorado we’re back here.

This lopsided game Browns lining up for the field goal he’s two of two so far today drives it through for the field goal another nice kick by the kicker man oh man is he hot he has got such confidence got a powerful leg and it is all in rhythm today the Broncos back deep ready to receive well it’s got a chance for a return just across the and tackled at.

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