Nfl- Sunday Night Football: Giants Vs Broncos. (full Game)

The 21 the Giants defense was opportunistic the last time when they were able to force the fumble yeah I love the way they teach defense down this league you know they teach them the defenders that go and tackle the football when you do that they’re gonna fumble that football the Giants with two extra defensive backs in the dime quarter underway now with this Anderson’s tackle down into 24 if.

You wonder about the football disease this you’re gonna have plays like this where.

They picked up very little garden don’t listen to the.

Fans keep running it and in a world drumming up second down they bring in the extra tight end match made by Demaryius Thomas by the offense pick it up this first down here in the second half they’ve got a big lead and it’s not about scored anymore it’s just about milking that clock and.

That is an art this team is good at it first down coming up paint man out under center looking for Demaryius Thomas but it’s incomplete well that’s a big opportunity anytime.

You get somebody behind the defense hold them to the receivers there but the quarterback just overthrew second down following that incompletion Andersen’s handed the football he’s up over 90 yards so far on the day I got to give this running back a lot of credit how about that he fumbled earlier in the game but down he is running free.

Just all-out and getting those extra yards after the hit it’ll be third down Andersen’s in the backfield single back Seth they call his number once more and now we’ll be on the other side of 50 after this play.

He’s averaging about four yards of carry your buddy back in this league and you pick up first downs and you.

Don’t pump the football I promise you one thing you’re gonna get four cares first down here after the rug launching.

At teeth play number six coming up on this drive the Giants defense brings in an extra member of the secondary they’ll go nickel Anderson’s going to secure the handoff I think it’s important for the defense anytime it’s a third long situation for the offense to know where.

Those first down markers are give a little ground and make sure you’re able to come up and make the tackle short of the first down marker on the way third down the Broncos lined up punch formation Manning’s gonna take it from the gun the Broncos will have to punt this will bounce into the end zone for a touchback in the ball will.

Come out to the 20 the Giants bring their offense onto the field the last time they had control of the football they did not come away empty-handed but did not get a touchdown either well they got that field goal and I think that’s important that field goal gave a little confidence they got some cleans.

Up there that always thinks you feel good on the offensive side now take advantage of that good feeling go out there and.

Score touchdown this time let’s see if they can finish off a tribe it’s an empty backfield for Manning this time from the shotgun as the grab two leaves the one who brings them to the ground there is big good pass protection for the quarterback all day long he has not been sacked much and he grows it there it gets another completion first now offense reading for the snap Eli Manning takes it from.

The gun with no options because head froze away the Broncos go with the dime formation here on defense Manning’s gonna take the snap from the shotgun picked off that time third down now manning’s lined up no extra blockers for this staff out of the shotgun formation and a smile it away don’t have much of a chance of picking up this first down and its third long of course the defense is looking for passes down the field you’re.

All over everything and the pass goes incomplete they’re set to punt it away now and a flag comes out twelve of this play and the illegal block in the back is going to move this team back yeah you know Jim the.

Rule of thumb here is if you can read the name on the back of the Jersey don’t block Andersen’s lined up behind his quarterback as the single back first down and ten Anderson’s taking the handle the one who made the big stop Broncos.

Running back that time he makes a bad decision you can’t be looking to make every play a big play when you’re running the football look for a few.

Yards take advantage of that he tries for the big play what happens he gets tackled for a loss second down here manning standing back in the shotgun ready for the snap the catch is made.

By Emmanuel Sanders reception given to if it was me I would cover the short receivers and force this guy to throw it down the field you’re behind by a few points you got to try and force the issue now looking at third down manning’s setting up.

Now in the pistol there’s a flag out this would be ruled incomplete didn’t get the feet down and it’ll be Colquitt back to punt Harris got it at the.

29 and tackle down at the 43 yard line Harris is able to show off his talent on that pump return dead.

Time what speed and quickness that allows him.

To break through some of that coverage and picks up good yards the Broncos defense walks back onto the field somewhat inspired I’m sure about that last series when they came up with the fourth down play yeah.

Listen yeah I agree sometimes you’re in situations where you need to go for it on fourth down but that last for tip there was no excuse for that that was just a horrible decision the Broncos sat at the line dime package first down at the 43 Larry Dunn now has the catch mix-up 8 here you can only take once a deep bench Gibson even though the offense is down here in the fourth quarter they throw it short that was a smart play second down even after the completion manning will.

Take the snap from the shotgun the bullet pass well the quarterback has such great confidence in the receiver and why not he’s talented and every time the footballs thrown his way he finds a way to make the catch Manning’s completion percentage 50% of the day the Broncos come out in a dime package the.

Giants take it from the 38 on his way one against one an interception and now then take it all the way back to touchdown you talk about the now shooting it that gets close to making him quit the Broncos for the point after driving.

Extra point is good the Giants prepared to return the kickoff we’re setting up the return that’s the.

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