Nfl- Sunday Night Football: Giants Vs Broncos. (full Game)

Same as a touchback TAC will ride at the 20.

The Giants and I have to wonder where are they going to be mentally after that last Drive when they.

Were moving the football only to give it away on an interception how are they going to be out there on this possession well.

I think it’s tough I really do Jim you know nowadays quarterbacks it seems like all we judge.

Them on they throw interceptions or not and once you throw one it’s out there you’ve got to get over that mental block and you got to keep playing hard and aggressive football that’s the only way you can have success the Broncos will come out in the dime first down at the 20 failing to complete that one so second down here hence the field catch me it’s one thing to be able to throw the football that high and far but it’s another he found the.

Right receiver to throw to and put it right on the mark Manning’s completion percentage 50% on the day at the 45-yard line this play set up by the long gainer Manning’s back in shotgun formation looking at every option gets to the quarterback nice job that time.

For the outside linebacker get to the sack they ask a lot of these guys now they are special players of the NFL stopping the run and the speed to get outside.

And get the sacks on the quarterback to second down the Broncos defense now loading up expecting pass with a dime defense Manning from the shotgun heat on it that’s his fourth catch of the day how about the way he always locks in and concentrates on the catch Danny’s got hands like glue when you shake his hand he can break yours because that’s how strong they are so not surprised to see him just reach out it just snatched the football out.

Of the air coming to the line at the 34 first down at the 34 the faculty trying to throw the.

Football deep down the field.

Keep that defense off-balance after the incomplete pass it brings up second down the Giants with an empty backfield look here manning’s got it in the gun in complete they say if you get your hands off the football you gotta take the kids yeah right the guy that made.

That rule up wasn’t getting hit.

As he was trying to catch the football nice hip that time by the defender it’s their town coming up bannings.

Gonna take it from the gun catch the ball to have eat on it thank gosh the wide receivers enough now it’s just it’s incredible it’s not that you have one every team has two and three and some have four good job that time.

I’m hauling in their pants Manning’s completion percentage 50% on the day first down at the 18 Williams gonna take the hand off now that’s a gain of 10 when you get inside the 20 gym sometimes it’s hard to throw the football because the deep it’s not worried about defending the whole field so it’s a good solid run picks up good yards on first down the Broncos lined up in the nickel Eli Manning takes it from the gun Rashaad chip cuts close the gap in this one when.

You have bad field position the NFL it’s not talked about enough it’s such a big part in the outcome of games so when you get it and you’re able to drive down the field and get a score boy.

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