NiceEntity: Get HTML and Unicode for Symbols & Characters

Inserting fancy characters and symbols in your text always helps. However, besides a few common characters, most people don’t know the code for many of these. NiceEntity is a web resource that indexes hundreds of special characters along with their HTML and Unicode details.

You can browse through categories like Punctuations, Accents, Shapes & Symbols, Math and even filter them further using sub-categories. If browsing is not your thing simply search for the character you are looking for, or click on “all’ to display the complete list.

Once displayed, just copy the code for the character and use it in whatever way you want. The interface is easy-to-use and sleek which make NiceEntity all that more useful.

unicode for symbols


  • Get HTML and unicode for special characters and symbols.
  • Includes accents, punctuations, math, symbols and more.
  • Browse through categories and sub-categories or search.
  • View the complete list of characters.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar tools: JoyLy,  CopyPasteCharacter and EntityCode.

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