Notifus: Set Reminders For Sent Emails That Haven’t Been Answered

In today business world, professionals receive and send a large number of emails every day. Keeping a track of these emails mentally is simply not possible for nearly all people. The result of this is that we often forget who has not replied to our emails yet. This can be a significant problem when the email response is important and we realize too late that the response has not been provided. While you can setup reminders such as writing it down somewhere that you need to contact XYZ about an email response, it is hardly the most convenient way to go about this problem. Here to offer Gmail users an excellent solution to the problem of our emails being unanswered is a friendly tool called Notifus.

reminder unanswered email

Notifus is a free to use browser tool that integrates itself into the Gmail interface. This tool basically comes as an extension for the Google Chrome web browser. After it is installed, you will find new red buttons placed in the top row of buttons in the email writing interface of Gmail. These buttons let you setup timely reminders about emails. The buttons correspond to 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, or any custom duration you want to set.


When the reminder time is up, your sent email is moved to your Inbox and brought into your notice so that you can be reminded that a response has not yet been received. You can then ping the email’s recipient to respond to your email.


  • A user-friendly browser extension
  • Compatible with Google Chrome
  • Let’s you setup reminders for emails you send through Gmail
  • You can set predefined and custom durations for email reminders

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