November Announcements

Hey guys ring reviews here and today I’m here to talk about a new series me and Jonathan started called words of wisdom now if you were probably wondering right you what’s words of wisdom and why did you create this idea well good question the reason we created words of wisdom is this funny a little too minute two to.

Three minutes skit that we get to do and you can ask us questions and the comments down below on that channel on anything.

Three minutes of commentary or talking about that situation like say like what’s a good example I could use uh why do you like this send flavour of candy and we have to make a whole two to three minute skit on why we like that sing a candy and yeah it’s be pretty fun words wisdom won’t probably teach you much but it will teach you about how funny we.

Can and cannot be in certain situations but yeah if you guys want to check it out I will leave a link in the description down below that’d be awesome if you.

Guys would go check it out and possibly subscribe if you do enjoy the first three um Jonathan’s already told me if the third video as of right now doesn’t get 20 views he’s not going.

To do the fourth video which I mean I want to do the fourth video really badly because it’s about Oreos so anyway if you guys would definitely go watch that that would be.

Also go spread some love over two words of wisdom if you do enjoy that will not affect regular views as it is right now as a channel it will still.

Be out but I’m still thinking of keeping it only based tops as afraid now you can see a few over there the rest are over my wall they’re over there I’ll probably do a tour of that sometime soon maybe do it room tour also guys I’ve not explained this at all but the wall back there why is it painted that way on the wall actually I painted it like that because initially what the Chan was gonna be like and I may be changing the name of your views.

Soon if you do have new names for regular views that would be awesome as well I’m trying to think of some ideas for it so it’d be fun to hear what you guys have to say to be based on pops mainly so if I can continue in that way and.

You guys can think of something about pops that would be super also hoping to get some gaming vids out soon ah you fun I honestly don’t know what.

We did do fortnight in the past maybe still their last two videos up as of right now I doubt I have any other gaming videos.

Of but anyways if you guys do have suggestions for games live comment down below as well that would be awesome so I hope you guys do enjoy some of these new announcements that.

Are coming around for regular reviews um as of right now for November and yeah I hope you guys will check out where to what’s done look in the link in the description as I said before I hope you guys will have a nice time joining.

All these new announcements that we get ready signing out.


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