O Come To The Altar -elevation Worship (gospel Chords) | Piano Tutorial

You you hey guys this is Dave and over at worship leader hangout and today we’re gonna do another gospel flavor video we’re gonna take the song o come to the altar and we’re gonna flip it a little bit sorry I hadn’t made any videos for a while I’ve been busy with school Dallas Theological Seminary has been whipping my.
Tail but anyway school’s over and so.

I’m back to making videos for a little while hopefully you guys find something in this video that you’re able to use in your everyday piano playing and if you like what you.
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Over those changes really fast and then I’ll go slow alright so the basic changes are B c-sharp minor and.

Then a g-sharp minor into the E and then it repeats itself alright and then we add to those changes by go to the B when we get to the c-sharp minor you can make it minor 9 – 7 whatever and then you can do this lick on top of it so it’s an f-sharp and B – a G sharp lick so it’s like and then.

We duplicate those rhythms but on a C sharp F – a d sharp so and then we do it go in an octave so and then the next octave down and you can start from wherever on.

The piano you want to but so never get the G sharp minor the shuttle minor F flat F 7 flat 5 D 6 D minor 6 bo in D sharp G sharp minor 1187 G sharp diminish then we got this lick right here alright and what I’m doing.

In my right hand is f sharp G sharp F sharp G sharp and all those G sharp sorry our G sharp minor just different octaves so starting with like second inversion of F sharp so ii ii 6 e minor 6 i think something like that those changes okay and so going that going over them a little bit slower we have a.

I guess c-sharp minor and spell that out as a C sharp e G sharp B sharp I’m just keeping the melody.

In my right hand G sharp minor seven G sharp d sharp F sharp B major six three six however it’s called we’re gonna have a e G sharp C sharp we dropped that G sharp down to the G make it G minus six and then a B over.

D sharp spelled out a I’m really just doubling up in both hands but a C sharp F sharp B.
And I’m not really playing the C sharp but I’m.

Playing the F sharp and B I’m just playing a D sharp in the left hand instead all right so we have that G sharp minor 11 that’s a G G sharp d sharp F sharp C sharp F sharp G sharp C sharp a major 7 a C sharp a same thing in the right hand a C sharp a except you’re gonna play a G sharp added to it G.

Sharp diminished I mean sorry G diminished G a sharp C sharp E all right we’re gonna play this G minor 7 and that’s a F G sharp d sharp and in the.

Right hand F sharp C sharp F sharp a sharp G sharp minor d sharp G sharp B and then we’re just gonna play those inversions so we got a C sharp / f F G sharp C sharp F G sharp cheese F G sharp C sharp that’s crazy d minor 6 we ready went over this all right and so there you have it.

I’m gonna play one more time all right thank you guys so much for watching and remember great worship leaders always learning thanks again.

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