Officers In Pews; Pastors In Police Cars: How One Program Allows Police And The Community To Walk A

Oh get along okay can we get a long division between police and certain communities is nothing new and while many enjoy an amicable relationship with law enforcement social media shines a light on the division and broken trust but in Indianapolis members of the faith community and law enforcement hope to exchange vantage points and walk a mile in each.

Other’s shoes all thanks to a program called one cop but one thing.

That’s really unique and special about one cop is that it’s really focused on beat police officers these are the people.

Their job correctly are literally walking up and down the block and it’s something this community sees most every day what they don’t usually see is a nun in a police car a police officer seated in pews during the week church leaders also get to try their hand.

At being officers facing the challenge of.

Split-second decision the team in one cop believes churches are uniquely positioned to break down any walls existing between the police and those they are sworn to protect to walk the streets I think with a police officer would be an eye-opening experience pastor Jim Wright jumped.

At the opportunity to be a liaison and perhaps more introducing them the community and being a host site for the community would be a really good way of connecting.

The community with the police officers with us as the bridge and then Lord willing opening up the door to share the gospel local law enforcement are also eager to open doors and make a good first impression if you commit a crime here in Indianapolis you’re likely to wind up here at the Marion County Jail where you’ll be greeted by a member of the sheriff’s department well local law enforcement are hoping to change all.

That and build a relationship with the community before they wind up in jail Marion County Sheriff John Leighton hopes renewing relationships can help cut.

Down on counterproductive codes like no snitching he also wants to create and build levels of respect you shouldn’t have to fear a uniform ever very uniform.

But please respect it while Layton blames social media for the growing antagonism he quickly admits mistakes have been made there are tens of thousands of police officers across the United States every now and then one steps out of line sometimes it’s a mistake of the head sometimes a mistake of the heart is such a minuscule percentage of the police that are out there every day dodging bullets instead of.

Sending them even a few however can deepen the divide a seventeen-year-old lay prone on the pavement as the shots continued 16 rounds in 14 seconds the aftermath captured in graphic video and strange live on Facebook by the man’s girlfriend in Texas for example tensions remain high after Dallas police officer Amber Geiger shot and killed 26 year-old faith.

Leader both of John inside his apartment community leaders their question why Geiger was able to stay on the job for so long after the shooting indianapolis crime reporter Steve Jefferson points out if and when.

Incidents like this happen transparency is important he’s seen it works so far in Indy the ongoing relationship which still needs a lot of work you know has kept things from being explosive here in our city he credits programs like one cop and other faith-based initiatives for.

Helping calm things down prevention is key in Jefferson adds that training goes a long way our department here in Indianapolis now actually teaches officers not to let their biases impact their work on the street we all expect to be treated a certain way by the police and I think them knowing how to de-escalate a situation whether it be a traffic.

Stop rather would be trying to ID a young black man who you think is trespassing as a deacon himself Jefferson knows the church can play a major role in building relationships pastors need to do is take advantage of their captive audience because if they can get the message.

To the parents of the children then the children get the message from the parents Sheriff Laden is optimistic because mutual respect and basically living by the golden rule will successfully.
Bring church the community and law enforcement together.

We can start respect again not not just for the uniform but for the people in those churches amber strong CBN News in Indianapolis you.

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