Old rivalry between Hemsworth brothers


Liam Hemsworth poses with singer Miley Cyrus at the premiere of ‘Paranoia’ in Los Angeles.Photo: REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Liam Hemsworth hasn’t always got on with his brother Chris Hemsworth.

The 26-year-old actor admits he and the ‘Thor’ hunk are very “similar” in that they can both be “stubborn” and they had a strong sibling rivalry while growing up.

He said: “Chris and I have similar personalities; we are both very stubborn. It wasn’t until I started high school that we stopped arguing and fighting.

“But I always looked up to him. He was my best friend.”

The ‘Hunger Games’ star was inspired to become an actor after watching Chris in TV soap ‘Home and Away’.

He told American Airlines’ American Way magazine: “I was 16 when I saw Chris working on a TV set. After that, it was all I could think about. I got an agent and started auditioning as much as I could.”

And once he was working, Liam admitted his rivalry with Chris was still there, but they “pushed each other and motivated each other in a lot of ways”.

He added: “I know there was a competitive nature between us, but it was always a supportive one. I think it was initially just to not be stuck on our parents’ couch years down the track. We successfully got off of that due to the su…

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