OneExtraLap: Easy Social Quizzing Website

So you think your geography knowledge is better than your friends? Why not take a quiz to find out? And you don’t even have to use Facebook and its dubious quizzing applications anymore.┬áTaking a quiz is fun only if you’re competing with someone and OneExtraLap lets you do exactly that.

OneExtraLap is a social quizzing website that lets you create and take quizzes with your friends and earn brownie points for winning. You’re rewarded with points and badges, foursquare style, and if you want you can even post your results to Twitter to let all of your followers know and also invite them in for a game (or two).

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If you don’t want to create your own quiz, you can just take the ones created by other users. You’ll still be able to earn points and and maybe even get featured on the homepage, if you’re good!


  • Simple and free to use Quizzing service. Minimalistic interface.
  • You can play quizzes created by others or create your own quizzes and invite others to play.
  • Integrates with Twitter and Facebook.
  • Social nature of the service brings out the best in each player and encourages competition.

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