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Hey guys I’m Tom the texture but I wanted to find out which one of these flagship phones has the best battery life and as you can imagine this video took quite a long time to make so if you do find it useful then make sure you click that like and subscribe button below because I do these every now.

When you phone to come out now I want to start by showing you that I’m matching the brightness across all the screens using my fancy little digital lux meter starting from the iPhone 10s I measured 143 Lux and so I then match.

That on every other phone because screen brightness has a huge impact on battery and I’ll make this test as fair as possible so all the phones are set to the same brightness so I’ve taken out the SIM cards bluetooth is on and I’ve also left them at the default resolution now in some cases like that as my plus may 20 Pro.

You can have quad HD plus resolution but by default they.

All have Full HD and therefore what’s what most people will be using them as so I’ve.

Left them as that but you will notice the pixel 3 XL has a quad HD resolution 4045 2960 and you can’t actually reduce that in any normal settings menu so that probably will have an impact on battery life the iPhones with the Apple a 12 chip score highest among all the phones but look at the difference between the s9 plus and the note 9 even though they.

Both use the X 90 10 and both have 6 gigs of RAM that’s quite a difference in single core performance which is a bit odd so let’s move on to the actual battery test and if we start with YouTube I’m gonna set all the phones to play one hour from my reviews playlist so altogether we’re an hour and 15 into this test and falling behind straight away is the s-line plus.

With 86% and the mate 20 Pro no surprise with the biggest battery here is in.

The lead with 93% remaining so next up we’ve got quite a.

Graphically intensive game this is shadow gun and again I’m going to leave this to play for a full hour which as you can see has a pretty big impact on the battery the s9 plus is still in last place although the tennis isn’t that far behind the tenner and the 60 are even as are the pixel 3 XL and the note 9 all right then let’s move on to Instagram.

I’m gonna leave it on the home page and then leave it for another full hour to simulate your social media use throughout the day oh and we’ve got our first orange battery yes 9 plus is on 47% it is interesting though that the 10 is actually beating the test max and the tennis at the moment which is not something I really expected let’s.

On to and in the game we’ve got modern combat 5 this is again quite graphically intensive game so we should see quite a big impact on the batteries after another for our of this and we’ve got.

A lot going on here the May 20 Pro is the only one in the green with 56% everything else is orange except the s9 Plus which is now hit that red 20%.

I really didn’t expect it to fall this far behind the rest of the phones though except the May 2000 within 10 percent of each other suits on YouTube a couple of games Instagram let’s move on to cast box having a set them all to play an hour of a podcast I’m using the giant bond podcast which I listened to sometimes to see what kind of impact that has on battery so that dropped all the phones between 8.

And 10 percent and then we’re gonna move on to our third game Temple Run 2 which obviously isn’t quite as intensive but this is the kind of game a lot of people do play and so after an hour of that well we’re seeing a lot of red now.

Five phones at 20% or less the iPhone 10’s the oneplus 60 and the pixel three XL are even once actually pretty impressive from the pixel given that but we.

Do have that higher resolution next up we’ve got a camera test and I’m gonna set all the phones to record 10 minutes of 4k video I’m sticking with 10 minutes because the s 9 plus the mate tween Pro and the no 9 are limited to 10 minutes recording and after that things are looking pretty.

Precarious for the f9 Plus which is on just 2% remaining so let’s start this test again and jump back into another hour of YouTube we’re added.

Only takes a couple of minutes for the s 9 + 2 finally die at 6 hours and 34 minutes which I have to say is quite surprising I thought it would do a little bit.

Better but then 45 minutes later the pixel 3xl is in second.

To last place and again as I say given that high resolution I could not drop it to full HD easily so the.

Actually did pretty well but after that four hour of YouTube it’s the iPhone 10s and the oneplus 60 that are both on just 3% and then at the exact same time at 7 hours and 36 minutes we lose the iPhone 10s and the 1 plus 16 that’s four down four.

To go and as we’ve jumped back into shadow gun it doesn’t take long to knock out the next two phones there’s just one minute between the iPhone.

Just look at the difference in bat sighs between the 10r and the note nine the.

Note 9 is over a thousand million powers bigger no of course it is running at full HD plus rather than just over 720p.

On the 10s or that resolution will make a difference and no doubt it’s just better optimization between the hardware and the software and then just under ten minutes later that’s it for the iPhone tears max at 8 hours and.

13 which means the winner is and no surprise really to anyone because it’s got the biggest battery it’s the warm 8 20 Pro which still has 10% of its battery left.

After everything else has died which is.

Pretty impressive now of course we could do some maths and work out what lasted longest based on the battery size but that doesn’t really matter it’s.

The real world use we’re talking about these phones have these sized batteries in them and so I want to see how long they lasted in this intense test and then mate 20 Pro came out on top closely followed by the iPhone 10’s the note 9 and then actually not far behind was the iPhone 10 R which was actually significantly better than the 10s.

So yes the phone with the biggest battery lasted the longest that’s not that shocking really but it is interesting to see how they all fed relative to each other and you have to give one with credit from being on to.

Cram in such a massive battery into the mate 20 pro and if you do want a fly trip phone with the longest battery possible then the mate 20 pro is the one you should go for so I really hope you enjoyed this video it took forever to make so it would mean a lot if you guys liked and subscribed and let me know what you thought this test and.

Also which of these phones is your favorite thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next time right here on the tech chat.