Page Snooze: Clean Up Tab Overload By Putting Some To Sleep [Chrome]

Sometimes, while browsing the Internet, you get overloaded with tabs. Page Snooze is a Chrome Extension designed to clean up all those tabs and make your web browser more manageable.

tab overload

Page Snooze allows you to right-click on a page and choose how long you would like to have it sleep. You can choose anything from five seconds to two weeks. I’m not really sure why you would need to snooze a page for five seconds, but the option is there if you need it. The number of pages you have sleeping is shown on the extensions icon.

page snooze

You can bring a page out of sleep by right clicking the icon and going to options. Here you will see all of your pages. Simply click on one and it will leave your sleep list and open as an active tab again. This extension makes managing tabs a while lot easier.


  • Put tabs to sleep to keep them more manageable.
  • Set sleep times ranging from five seconds to two weeks.
  • Access all sleeping tabs in the options menu.
  • Easy to put something to sleep, simply right-click the page and choose a time.
Find Page Snooze on the Google Chrome Web Store

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