Pandora App For Android Features New UI For Tablets

Pandora’s music-streaming app just received a significant update, bringing with it a tablet-optimized user interface. Previously, tablet owners would only see a stretched out version of the phone app.

The tablet version is the same app as the phone version in the Play Store — it simply detects what kind of device you’re using and presents you with the proper version of the UI. Tablet owners will notice a new two-pane design with the play/pause buttons along the top of the app. The left pane is populated by your stations, while the center has information about the song that is playing.


Clicking on one of the icons in the top right will close the left pane and open a right pane, allowing you to change your settings, view and edit your profile, and search for Facebook friends who are using Pandora, all without leaving the main music-playing screen. The new version also allows for adding variety to your stations and viewing extra information on artists, giving users an experience more akin to the desktop version of Pandora.

Pandora is playing catch-up with Android tablet owners here, since their iPad app has been available for about a month now. In fact, the Android tablet app looks nearly identical to the iPad app. Still, it should be a welcome update for those sick of using stretched out phone apps on their tablet. Unfortunately, Pandora is still only available in the US.

Download: From Google Play Store

What do you think of this update? Is it enough to get you to download Pandora for your Android tablet? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Google Play Store


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