Passplex: Create Tough Passwords That Are Hard to Hack

A good password combines letters, numbers, and special characters. While it might be difficult to come up with a good unhackable password on your own, if you use Passplex the process becomes much easier.

tough password

Passplex is a free to use web tool. Its function is to generate a password according to the parameters you enter. You can choose a password length from 8 to 16 characters. You can also optionally include numbers and/or special characters in your password. A ‘complexity level’ lets you choose how complex you want your password to be; you can choose levels from 1 to 5. Passwords can be refreshed to view new ones using the blue refresh arrow next to the password field.

According to the site it has served 10,144 passwords up to now. If you find the site helpful, which you definitely will, use the available networking and email buttons to share this great web tool with your friends.


  • Tough password generator online.
  • Lets you create passwords.
  • You can include numbers and symbols in your passwords.
  • You can choose the password length and complexity level.
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