Password Chart: Secure Password Creator

The Password Chart is a secure online password creator that lets you easily generate strong passwords and quickly access them later using the provided password chart. It may sound a bit complicated, but it isn’t.

secure password creator

Here is how it works:

      (1) First generate the password chart using some random keyword (mypasswords, logins, makeuseof, email etc.). Make sure that you can easily remember the keyword later as you will need it to access your password chart.

(2) Once the chart is ready you can start creating strong passwords. Say you want to create a password for your Gmail account in that case just type in the gmail and let the Password Chart generate the password. Done.

(3) If you need to lookup your password later or create a new one then simply go to your password chart.

You might also want to print out and save your chart somewhere on your PC. This is just a safety precaution to make sure that you are able to access your online accounts even if the Password Chart website is offline.

Password Chart is definitely not the only website to help you with passwords. We have already profiled a bunch of cool password generators earlier. These are PassPub, PasswordBird, Keepass and Secure Password Generator. The latter one is a Firefox extension.

Go to PasswordChart @

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