Phitodo: Cool Todo Manager App (Adobe Air)

Phitodo is an Adobe AIR based simple and effective online todo manager which lets you organize and manage your tasks effortlessly. You can group different tasks under a project. The user interface which resembles an email inbox lists projects on the left and corresponding tasks on the right.

adobe air todo app

Customize your view and display tasks by date or time. Another cool feature – share tasks with friends who are also using the same product. Other features including ability to star tasks, sort them, use it on both web and desktop and analyze the time spent on tasks.



  • Simple Adobe AIR based task manager.
  • Both desktop and web versions available.
  • User interface resembles an outlook mail box.
  • Share, sort and organize tasks easily.
  • Group tasks and see time spent on them.
  • For more similar tools see our huge list of online To-do services.

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