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So I’ve been into making videos on your phone for a while I still haven’t made a short film that I feel is you know a proper short film that has thought behind it I’ve just been experimenting with my phone and using different techniques and different bits of equipment but I feel like I’m getting somewhere and I feel like.

I’m getting to a point where we could make a short film.

That could be broadcast or could be sent to festivals on a phone that’s quite high quality so I’m just going to take you through a few things that I’ve been enjoying on my phone that has made me feel like.

I’m getting a different quality on my phone some of these are really cheap and some of them are kind of mid-level so I’m just going to talk you through them the first thing.

Is this I was really Judas about it but this teeny little lens it’s actually a telephoto lens for an iPhone now it doesn’t have millimeters on them it’s just increasing the zoom effect but something that this does is.

It creates that depth of field which is what I’ve really been trying to get with my phone which I wasn’t able.
Than taking it into post and blurring the edges but I really wanted to be.

Able to get that kind of DSLR effect and this proved to do that now this is really cheap I got.

This in a pack of three different lenses and I think for this pack it was twenty pounds for the whole thing and you get the clip as well I hate the bling bling bling hate it but.

It doesn’t job so I’m gonna use it bit when I ordered it it looked like it was white and I did I do think it was toast it was a white option but not anymore I will.

Show you some footage that I took with it when we were out it.

Stays for the day I tried to get some kind of slow-mo using its it was really nice this goes on this clip this clips to the phone dead easy but the problem is it’s very very shaky so it’s not got a motorized stabilization which a lot.

Of DSLR telephoto lenses have a lot of lenses have this does stabilize that this has some internal stabilization so it’s not as shaky.

As when you’re actually filming when you’re filming you can get motion sickness from how shaky it looks but especially if you’re doing so I’m oh it kind of evens it out a little bit you also get these other little.

Lenses so this is let me see you get a fisheye lens which I’m not interested in I don’t like fisheye at all and it’s not a particularly good one and then you get a macro wide lens so this makes your normal camera you trying to say I find this quite good because there are times where you really want.
That landscape shot and this adds to it it’s also macro so you can focus.

Super close on an object which is really nice.

So I’ll just quickly show you how these work you just kind.

Of screwed that harder to screw the telephoto on it into this clip so you just screw it into there so it’s nice and safe and you should take the back off your phone if you have a case because it will create a distance lens and your attachment lens and then you just clip the lens over your camera’s lens I fold them so that you can see through and it’s.

Not covering at any part of the lens and there you have it that you’d be the same with the telephoto so I like those they’re really useful I’ll show you this one with this came.

With a different set of lenses so I’ve tried these clip-on lenses before but not the telephoto I tried the wide-angle one with Cam kicks it’s really good and they wonder if it still works yes it does you see.

Is a little light I think this is an amazing.

Little piece of equipment so again I think that package I got again a wide a fisheye of white and this came.

With it and it was like 15 pounds or something I’ll try and put the links for these things in the description box let’s see this is quite a powerful little light we actually use this on a web series we did let’s see so if you put it’s got three settings so that’s the first.

Further we hold it the less it’s not super powerful and then that’s that one which is quite I mean from from.

There you kind of you can get a little bit of a kick and then there’s the brightest one.

Which I think it’s pretty good I mean you can use it for other stuff you don’t have to just use it with them at.

The phone I’m gonna blind myself now and it’s USB rechargeable that’s just.

Got one of those don’t ask me what input that is I get them all mixed up so I think that’s a really handy affordable little.

Things your phone or your DSLR so my next bit of equipment for iPhone filmmaking which I am loving and I saved up for ages to get it because it was really helpful in the.

Making of our feature film which was musical because we’ve had a lot of Steadicam at scenes and this helped me prepare for those silly car seats.

Kids on a smaller level I could do these things with my phone and then show the cinematographer in the Steadicam operator what I.

Wanted so it was really useful from that perspective smooth four and it’s awesome so basically this is a gimbal it stabilizes the movement in the camera so.

Although the phone has stabilization so if you’re filming how can you drop that if you’re filming with.

It it will stabilize the footage like if.

You’re walking and filming it’ll.

Stabilize it to a certain point that this makes it so smooth and so clean it’s just really really nice so if you wanting to do any tracking shots of walking behind the.

Character doing a walk and talk backwards with two characters you can do it on this it’s that good it’s got loads of features I’m not going to go into all the features of this because there are.

So many videos out there and I think I might do a separate video at some stage kind of detailing it but I’m.

Into doing gear reviews I really don’t want this channel to be a gear review channel I want this to.

Be about encouraging people to find cheaper ways of making movies but most of all the techniques and the storytelling aspect and the directing aspect of making films.

So there’s so many geared channels out that I didn’t want to kind of repeat that if you.

Are wanting to make films on your phone properly and like record the sound separately and light it beautifully and everything it’s something to invest in.

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