PicGhost: Mass Image Editing Tool Online

If you are looking to bulk edit images the easy way then PicGhost could fit the bill. It is a web based mass image editing tool that allows you to upload up to 20 images at once and apply various effects selectively or in bulk. You could resize the images, rotate and crop them, add text and watermarks and make many more changes to the images. The images can be previewed after uploading and before downloading them.

mass image editing

Once you are done processing the images, you could download them in a zipped file to your computer. The tool’s completely free and quite simple to use.


  • Online mass image editor.
  • Upload up to 20 images in one go.
  • Resize, rotate and crop images at once.
  • Add text and watermarks easily.
  • Preview the changes before downloading.
  • Download the modified images in a zipped file.
  • Similar tools: EzyImageResizer and also see our article “Batch Edit Your Images with GIMP“ .

Check out PicGhost @ www.picghost.com

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