Ping: The New Social Network For Music In iTunes

Update: The service is no longer available.

If you followed the recent keynote by Steve Jobs in which he introduced the new line of iPods, then you will know what Ping is all about. It’s basically a social network for music that has been added to iTunes and will be available in iTunes version 10. It lets you follow people, your friends and popular artists to see the music they are downloading and listening to. It lets you discover new music and follow the latest music trends.

social network for music

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Ping is also built into the iTunes app for iPod touch and iPhone so you can utilize its features while on the go too. You’ll also find the recent activity stream, list of featured artists, music charts and much more in this tool.


  • Social network for music by Apple.
  • Integrated with iTunes on desktop, iPod touch and iPhone.
  • Lets you follow friends and popular artists.
  • Check what they are up to, the music they like and the concerts they’ll visit.

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