Pitchfork Media Launches New Movie News And Reviews Site: The Dissolve [Updates]

Film fans will soon have a new source to read about upcoming flicks. The Dissolve, a new website developed by the people behind the well-established music site, Pitchfork, was launched on Wednesday.

Pitchfork Media set out to develop the new site as a means to combat the hype of current movie review sites. While plenty of sites about movies currently exist on the Internet, The Dissolve was developed to do things a little differently. Readers will be able to read up on films that aren’t necessarily found at your local theater. For example, one feature the site offers is Movie of the Week, and its first selection is Repo Men, a cult musical that hasn’t quite found its place in the mainstream.

Founder Keith Phipps (formerly of the A.V. Club) created the site with the understanding that most movie news sites follow a “hype cycle”. That is, sites publish trailers and news about films until they hit theaters, and afterwards, there is no discussion about the final product. With that said, The Dissolve was created with the intention of fulfilling that need.

The Dissolve is also set to be entirely focused on movies and film. While other entertainment sites tend to lump movies, games, music, and more all together, The Dissolve will have a very simple, yet focused approach to its content. Future readers who desire to know more about how The Dissolve works can check out the site’s User Guide.

How do you feel about the release of a site entirely focused on movies? Do you believe that The Dissolve should expand its content? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: TechCrunch

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