Pixel 3 Xl Vs Iphone Xs Max Drop Test! Durability Pro?

What’s up guys everything Apple Pro here and I’m coming at you with the Google pixel 3 excel drop test first time I’ve ever tested Google’s phones in terms of durability and I’m very curious this is the first time ever the Google’s went with an all-glass back design to accommodate the wireless charging and it’s using Gorilla Glass 5 so.

I’d like to see in a durability aspect how does it compare to Apple’s iPhone atenas max which is the.

World’s most durable glass apparently according to Apple so I’m gonna be doing a regular drop test from 3 feet had hi to them and go further if it doesn’t break personally I don’t see this thing being too durable it it doesn’t feel all that durable it does have an aluminum border this is stainless steel so it may actually transfer shock differently once it.

Hits the ground but an all-glass back design which is new for Google might not be as durable as Apple’s but hey we’ll see and this is a frosted type glass we’ll see if.

That effects the break ability in any way so without any further ado let’s start these are both perfectly working iPhone 10s max Google pixel believe me it does hurt to do this this thing is actually much nicer in person you know from the pictures I didn’t think it would be so premium feeling but it really is a great phone let’s.

Go ahead and introduce it to the ground as usual so I’m gonna start with the iPhone here and waist height this is about three feet here three two.

One really nothing really wrong with it and that’s perfectly on its side so I really can’t expect anything to be wrong okay with the pixel three accel.

Here we go same thing and three two one oh no it’s still good kind of went on the back a little bit more but here you start.

To see these scuffs so I believe this is a painted aluminum doesn’t look anodized to me and the paint’s kind of scuffing off here from a little tiny fall Wow but.

Unharmed still working so let’s go ahead and do on the back for the iPhone tennis max and three two one okay it’s always scared of those that’s pretty much.

The average fall where it’s gonna be falling from and it seems to be handling itself pretty well here frosted back and Gorilla Glass 5 on the pixel 3 Excel and three to one that does not sound good oh thank goodness didn’t cut the test short just yet the both have survived I’m moving forward face down from waist height tennis max did survive these.

In the earlier test but once again three.

Two one I hate those satisfying smacks oh okay it’s so good really can’t tell that this thing has been dropped at all actually that’s kind of amazing this is gonna hurt three two one all right did a little flip there but the screens remain unharmed so at this point you.

Know from the average Falls both phones can withstand them pick.

So three looking a little bit worse for the wear but otherwise you know not so bad and of course depending on the surface that it falls on you’re gonna get a different results here this is pretty standard garage concrete it’s pitted move it up to the head.

And I’m gonna start with the iPhone on its side talk about a phone and it slips out of your hand three two one okay starting to see some scuffs here on a concrete a little steel band is separating from the screen it’s the first time I’ve ever seen that it’s.

Right around the new antenna band oh shoot I didn’t notice that okay so we have our first casualty the glass on the back of the.

Tennis max has fractured and this glass is ridiculously expensive to replace this is like a four five hundred dollar replacement because you actually have to replace the whole back you can’t just.

Replace the glass without affecting a camera permanently on this thing I believe it’s a simpler process I’m not entirely sure it should be the on Android phones it usually is.

A much easier way to replace it alright Google pixel three excel.

Side-impact three two wanna write on the side no damage it’s still working wow that didn’t really do much to it at all actually expected more so so far the pixel 3 excel has beat out the iPhone in terms of durability.

Kind of amazing okay this point we’re gonna do the back even though it’s already broken just see how far we can take it’s.

One probably spider webs really bad yeah so there’s that that’s so interesting you can see all these like deformations in the color and the coatings first time ever seeing that but it’s a pretty bad impacts the glasses fragmenting you can easily cut yourself on.

This that’s the world’s strongest glass for you okay.

Moving forward to the pixel 3xl same test here head height in three two one yeah there’s no way it’s gonna take that so very interesting here it’s completely smooth so it didn’t fragment like the iPhone did very interesting did break about the same fall so it is a little bit more resilience than.

Apples but both did break at this point.

The real difference here is the cost to repair where the pixel is gonna be a lot more practical a lot cheaper versus the iPhone I think.

It’s something that you can even do you know.

Almost at home if you have a little bit of experience this one no way so at this point both are evenly destroyed despite Apple’s claims of being the world’s most durable glass despite all of Gorilla Glass 5s claims.

So let’s keep going here and do a face down a drop so this is from head Heights.

In three two one [Applause] ooh thank goodness so that has not broken very consistent results actually with the first test set that aside and here we go can Gorilla Glass 5 be as resilient in 3 2 1 did you see that like hit and slid the air in between it ouch okay there we go so there.

Is the result of that the screen is freaking out still usable though but it has broke hmm so with a smack down the same exact one apples has.

Survived pixel has not so that tells you a lot I guess about the durability of.

Wow I’m seriously impressed so good job Apple good job pixel but you know if you’re dropping your phone from ahead of height you should probably be using a case.

Since you can’t trust yourself what’s okay.

So I guess we’ll take it to the extreme as always just see what it takes to completely break these phones and Wow the tennis really is resilience so okay step it up to ten feet all right so this isn’t quite ten feet but I’m gonna say eight feet here and this is side impact for the iPhone tennis there we go three two wanna okay well I can see from here that the screen is good so let’s just drop the pixel alright same deal in three two one [Applause] this.

One really hasn’t gotten that much worse still broken the border itself is.

Doing better than I thought paints pretty resilient on it’s not really peeling off back is really.

Starting a chip and the iPhone has persevered it’s just the back that’s kind of coming out I really hope that’s not the battery expanding but the front is still great that’s amazing all right let’s do the backs even though already done them here okay here we go the iPhone 10’s on the back again and three two one oh did that just happen did that just happen the SIM.

Tray was ejected the first time ever I’ve seen that happen during a drop I’ve literally never had.

That happen Wow okay it’s so good on the front here back still alright I guess and once again.

The pixel three XL meets the floor in three two one not so.

We go to the face down can we finally defeat the undefeatable tennis max eight feet final test iPhone 10’s max in three two one so glass shards flying from the back.

In this display how’s this possible that’s amazing and why is the back not as resilient as the front I’m because it’s a thinner glass layer in general but Wow I am beyond impressed so what you really want is for the screen to survive and that it has on.

The tennis max that’s seriously incredible from 8 feet repeated drops it’s still fine this thing has definitely seen better days in 3 2 1 1 we’ve done at this point to drop it but what the heck and it’s off.

Screen has completely stopped working at this point some percussive maintenance but no does not want to start working it’s flashing green lines here wow that is not as durable so this thing has went through the exact amount of drops.

As the tennis max but this one has zero issues with the display even though.

This video is about the pixel 3 Excel I’m more impressed by the tennis max and its survivability throughout all these tests so that’s what it took to destroy the pixel 3 Excel it’s completely gone at this point you are not using this phone anymore seriously amazing backs at this point see the pixels looks a.

Little bit better and I’m sure it’s much easier to replace so in.

Terms of durability the iPhone 10s max here is the winner but of course.

A case you guys enjoyed it stay tuned for.

The iPhone 10 our videos this weekend peace.

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