PlaceKitten: Use pictures of kittens as placeholders

If you are working on a website design, you might have numerous empty frames that you intend to fill with images later. These empty frames can be filled by images of kittens to give your work-in-progress a great ‘cute’ look. To get these kitten images for custom frame sizes, check out a site called Place Kitten.


Place Kitten is a simple to use website that lets you get kitten images of any size. These images capture kittens at their cutest. All you have to do to get an image is to add the dimensions to the site’s URL in the following format: homepage/width/height.For example:

To get a black and white image, you can use the following format: homepage/g/width/height. For example:

Images displayed on the webpage are in the JPG format.


  • A user-friendly website.
  • Lets you get images of kittens in custom dimensions.
  • Offers color as well as black and white images.
  • Images are in the JPG format.
  • Similar tools: Placehold, DummyImage and RandomImageGenerator.

Check out “Place Kitten” @

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