Plagium: Online Plagiarism Tracker

Plagium is a free online multilingual plagiarism tracker that lets you check whether a content from your website or research paper has been copied and used anywhere else. While you can always search for copied content using a search engine like Google or Yahoo etc. search engines often impose a limit of 10-12 words per search. When it comes to Plagium it can accept much larger blocks of text for searching online.

plagiarism tracker

To check your content for plagiarism online, simply paste a block of text inside provided form (or submit its online URL) and then click on the “Track plagiarisms”. Wait until Plagium scans through webpages on the Internet and brings a list of websites containing the identical text.

The site doesn’t require users to register in order to use the plagiarism tracker. However, as a bonus regsitered users are able setup alerts for certain text and receive a weekly email plagiarism reports.

online plagiarism checker


  • Free online plagiarism checker for checking whether content from a website or research paper has been used anywhere else.
  • Able to handle checks with large blocks of text.
  • Supports English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish languages.
  • Setup alerts and get weekly email reports (registered users only).
  • Similar websites: The Plagiarism Checker and Copyscape.

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