PM Modi the kind of leader that India needed, says Ed Royce

Narendra Modi, Modi in US, Prime Minister Modi, PM Modi, PM Narendra Modi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Modi, Ed Royce, Modi Gujarat, Bhuj Earthquake, Gujarat growth, India news Prime Minister Narendra Modi waves before addressing a joint meeting of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington. (Source: AP)

Praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his leadership, Ed Royce, the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, on Wednesday said Washington is witnessing reforms introduced by the Prime Minister in India.

Recalling his Gujarat visit during the Bhuj earthquake, Royce said his memory about Prime Minister Modi is of a Chief Minister who brought order out of chaos in his state.

Royce lauded Prime Minister Modi for his efforts on the ground during his stint as the chief minister, adding: “We watched the enormity of perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit of the people in Gujarat.”

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“What struck me is that the reforms you were bringing then as the chief minister, they were bringing a situation where we saw a 10 percent economic growth per year. It looked as though, this was the type of leadership India could use. And so, when Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister, we saw those reforms going forward as we watch you lead India,” he added.

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Citing the strengthening of the India Caucus, he said it is the strongest country caucus here in the House of Representatives and Senate.

“When India Ca…

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